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If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to crack the GRE and score in the 90th percentile club, you’re in for a treat. Picture this blog as your treasure map, leading you through the winding paths of success stories that will not only inspire you to believe in your own potential to ace the GRE exam, but will also leave you smiling.

In this blog:

    1. GRE preparation strategy
    2. Success Stories of GRE achievers
    3. Conclusion

GRE preparation strategy

Aiming for a GRE score of 330+? Unquestionably, achieving this score will open doors to top grad programs and colleges. To cross the 330+ threshold, diligent and strategic GRE study is your compass. Your hard work, combined with smart strategies, will determine your route to success.

Here are some GRE preparation strategy for you to study for gre exam: 

1. Manifest the score that you want: 

Once you’ve determined your GRE score target, work backwards to develop a strategic study guide. Explore consistent admissions profiles. Is a 330+ GRE required, or can some people thrive with lower scores? Understand GRE score percentiles for peer comparison. Set a GRE study plan by working backward from your target score – aiming for 330 demands mastering complex GRE concepts compared to a 300 goal. Achieving 330 requires more smarter and intense study.

2-month GRE study plan to score 320+

2. Take a practice test to know your baseline score: 

To create a strategic study guide, you must first assess your current abilities. While GRE practice test scores offer an initial gauge of your skills, interpret them thoughtfully. An error in one rate-time-distance question doesn’t imply struggle in all. Likewise, nailing a probability question does not imply that you’ll be able to answer all probability questions you come across. Use test scores as a preliminary measure, then delve deeper to analyse your skills more comprehensively. Take a GRE diagnostic test here

3. Content is key: 

In the realm of GRE exam preparation, a plethora of GRE prep resources await. Research thoroughly before selecting a course or material. Seek feedback from peers. Your aim is to discover a resource offering coherent, applicable content, coupled with strategies and skills for exam success. If you need best GRE preparation, sign up for our GRE self-paced online training.

4. Strategic action plan: 

Divide your GRE study months into three-halves for having a hold on conceptual, procedural, and operational understanding. Spend 75% of your time in the first-half developing conceptual knowledge and 25% on procedural knowledge. In the second-half, divide 50% for conceptual knowledge, 25% for procedural skills, and 25% for operational skills. In the final third, divide your time evenly between improving operational and conceptual-procedural knowledge.

5. Put extra effort on your weaker sections: 

Focus on your weaker areas, be it Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning, or AWA. Identify your shortcomings and dedicate extra effort to improve. When aiming for a 330, a thorough GRE exam preparation across all sections is essential for success.

6. Managing time: 

Effective time management is vital in the GRE. Allot time for each set of questions and adhere to it. When uncertain about a comparison it’s important to have an educated guess, avoiding excessive time on one. Don’t forget that all questions hold equal value, thus consistency in pace is the  key. When you come across useful tactics, formulas, vocabs, make flashcards to help your score improve.

Success Stories of GRE achievers

Disha Trivedi, who scored 326 on the GRE

After attending a GRE demo class, she found herself drawn to Jamboree’s teaching approach, particularly in the Quantitative section. Impressed by the faculty’s adeptness in imparting maths tricks, Disha made the decision to enrol with Jamboree.

Undertaking an intensive GRE preparation journey spanning four months, Disha adeptly balanced her commitment with an ongoing internship. Her daily routine comprised dedicated study sessions of 3-4 hours. Jamboree’s structured online portal proved indispensable, providing a wealth of valuable resources that honed her skills.

Guided by the mentorship of Jamboree’s faculty, Disha’s weaknesses were effectively addressed, motivating her and enabling significant progress. The tailored study plan and thorough analysis of practice test results contributed to her improved performance. Her focused efforts yielded a GRE score of 326 – a breakdown of 162 in Verbal, 164 in Quantitative, and an AWA score of 5.

Disha attributes a considerable share of her accomplishment to Jamboree’s unwavering guidance, recognizing their role in not only enhancing her aptitude but also nurturing her determination.

Mansi Phute, who scored 339 on the GRE

In the final year of her electronics and telecommunication studies, Mansi discovered Jamboree’s reputation for providing personalised attention, a crucial aspect of GRE preparation. Mansi enrolled for GRE online coaching, and under the guidance of adept instructors, her learning experience flourished. Abundant online resources facilitated practice, while a continuous exchange of feedback among students enhanced her progress on practice tests.

Benefiting from the advantage of small class sizes, Mansi received focused attention, honing in on areas of improvement. Balancing her academic commitments and coaching, she meticulously curated her study plan along with her Jamboree mentors, with a keen focus on her weaker subjects. Embracing full-length practice tests fueled her motivation and aided her determination to elevate her score.

The diligent practice paid off, as Mansi achieved a remarkable GRE score of 339, comprising 169 in Verbal, a perfect 170 in Quantitative, and an AWA score of 5. Her pre-exam routine involved strategic test-taking over three consecutive days, followed by a day of reflection and preparation.

Mansi’s GRE success story stands as a testament to her dedication and strategic approach, magnified by Jamboree’s personalised guidance and resources.


Remember that beneath the pressure and stress of your GRE exam preparation lies a world of opportunities waiting to be seized. Accept the process of learning, make errors, and learn from them. GRE success is not limited to a few; it is a path that anyone can take with the right hardwork and perseverance. 

For nearly 30 years, Jamboree’s GRE coaching has helped students ace the GRE test. Our mentors’ curated the GRE study approach which resulted in the largest number of 320+ GRE scorers. Experience Jamboree’s expert mentoring with the GRE demo class. Book your spot now!

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