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Dear GRE test-takers, if you’re getting ready to take on the GRE, you’re probably neck-deep in GRE prep resources, flashcards, practice tests and joining GRE study groups. But don’t put those calculators away just yet, because we’re about to dive into some wacky ways to boost your GRE study plan! 

Who says studying has to be all dull and monotonous? Get ready to think outside the box and ace the GRE!

In this blog:

  1. Best way to study for GRE
  2. Tips for GRE study plan
  3. Conclusion

Best way to study for GRE

GRE prep can be made more fun and engaging. We are listing down some of our favourite study methods that’ll leave you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

1. Utilise mnemonic techniques 

Mnemonic techniques serve as memory tools to assist in retaining challenging information. You can employ acronyms, initialisms, or rhymes as aids to memorise formulas or concepts. 

For instance, to remember the names of the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior), you can use a mnemonic term ‘HOMES’ to recall the first letter of each lake’s name. 

2. Jam sessions with Vocabulary

Picture this: you’re in your room, singing along to your favourite songs. Consider replacing those tunes with your GRE terminology. Yes, you heard us right! Create memorable karaoke tunes from your vocabulary list and watch the magic happen. Singing “pulchritudinous” to the tune of “Despacito” may be unusual, but who’s to judge? You’ll not only have a good time, but you’ll recall those fancy words like a poetic genius.


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3. Youtube and learn 

Trade those cat videos for a marathon of educational content on YouTube. Whether you’re learning about various idiomatic expressions or delving into the nuances of permutations and combinations, video lectures can hold your attention while also expanding your knowledge. When a GRE question comes up, you’ll be able to confidently say, “I remember learning about that in that awesome lecture by Professor Albert!”

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4. Drop beats, not GPA

Convert those scary GRE math problems into rap rhymes. While having fun, the rhythm and rhymes can help you absorb concepts and strategies. Who knows, you could end up being the next mathematically inclined Eminem!

5. Create your own GRE podcast

For those podcast enthusiasts out there, why not venture into creating your very own GRE study podcast? Imagine recording sessions where you delve into various concepts, tackle practice questions, or simply express your insights and musings about the GRE.

6. Connecting Concepts Through Meditation

Discover a novel approach to GRE preparation by combining mindfulness and study. Choose a GRE concept to focus on and ponder on it. Visualise algebraic equations to be trees, with branches representing variables and leaves representing constants. Allow your thoughts to wander over this mental environment, making connections and obtaining a better understanding, by calming your mind. By combining meditation and conceptual investigation, you will cultivate your focus and comprehension in an unconventional way.

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Tips for GRE study plan

  • Experiment with GRE prep
    Enter the world of GRE preparation with an open mind. However, keep in mind that not every unconventional study method will appeal to everyone. Experiment to find your ideal method. Try out different strategies to see which one best fits your learning style.

  • Join a GRE study group
    Joining dynamic GRE study groups on social media allows you to connect with other GRE test-takers. These forums are fantastic places to network, receive encouragement, and exchange useful study resources. 
  • Be consistent
    While unusual ways may be your preferred method, consistency is essential. Set aside time every day for GRE prep and stick to your regular study routine. The combination of unconventional tactics and unwavering commitment can help you to ace the GRE exam.

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  • Get feedback
    When you are unsure about the effectiveness of your unique study methods, seek advice from a trusted confidant, friends, or counsellor/instructor. Their perspective can provide essential feedback, allowing you to gauge your progress and stay on track.Experience Jamboree’s 3-decades of GRE expertise with a free GRE demo class. Book a session now! 
  • Have fun
    Studying for the GRE doesn’t have to be all work and no play. The more you like your study experience, the more likely you are to persevere and attain GRE success. So find ways to make your studies fun, and you’ll be well on your way to GRE success.

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In a world of standard study methods, these quirky and fun techniques are like a breath of fresh air for your GRE prep journey. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to success, and embracing your uniqueness can lead to the most remarkable achievements. 

So, grab that karaoke mic, put on your thinking hats, and get on with the preparation for GRE. Get ready to think outside the box and watch your GRE scores skyrocket like never before!

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