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Crush your GMAT prep with these fantastic features

This is the day and age where apps rule! There’s an app for everything, and productivity is one of the most popular categories. Did you know? A recent report by the Digital Journal states that the global market for productivity software might reach $96 Billion. Sure, most of these are from huge companies like Microsoft or Google, but there are lots of undiscovered apps floating around the app stores. Especially those specifically designed to help aspiring GMAT students to crush their prep and get ahead. So, keep reading to find out the features of the best apps for GMAT preparation.

The all too familiar phrase Practice makes perfect is the funda here. GMAT prep isn’t just about learning concepts or building vocabulary. It’s about applying those theoretical strategies and using those new words in sentences. GMAT apps are a great way to practice and another benefit they offer is the ability to learn on the go. GMAT prep apps have loads of useful content in the form of videos or notes, and tons of features like flashcards, reminders, scorecards and streaks. They help keep you engaged, interested and constantly on your toes! So, what are these features? And how do you use these GMAT study apps?

  1. Studying on the go
  2. With GMAT apps, you get a chance to study according to your schedule. Having a study plan is ideal, but there is no plan that fits all. Whether you’re working around your day job, or your college classes, feel free to customize your plan to suit your schedule. Some GMAT study apps have a collection of video lectures on various topics. So, you can focus more on your weaknesses and redo topics that you are unsure about. Also, you can watch these lessons on the go. On your way to work, on your lunch break, before bed, or even while having your morning coffee, find out what works for you.

  3. Easy practice tools
  4. We’ve talked about how essential practice is for effective GMAT preparation. Without it, the study lessons are of no use because you might just end up forgetting what you learnt. Applying what you learnt through practice questions and exercises helps cement your concepts. GMAT apps offer practice exercises, pop quizzes and short tests to help you practice in a non-exhausting way.

  5. Test to build confidence
  6. Recreating the test environment and getting comfortable with it is essential to ace your GMAT prep. While practice questions are more of a learning exercise, the sectional tests and complete mock tests are the real deal. They help put you under a similar kind of stress that you might face during your GMAT, and get accustomed to it. A well-followed tip is that you take one complete diagnostic test for GMAT at the beginning of your prep to find out your strengths and weaknesses. Take topic wise tests when you are confident with your concepts. And take at least two mock GMATs each week towards the end of your prep.

  7. Performance metrics
  8. Another useful aspect of some GMAT study apps is the option to review and track your performance. Be it during practice, sectional tests or complete mock tests, these apps help you analyze your current performance, previous performance and apply AI tools to find out specific problem areas so that you can review them and discuss related doubts with your study coach. You and your instructor can then work out a plan to enhance your scores in these sections.

  9. Rectify to excel
  10. Rectifying your errors goes hand in hand with reviewing them. Ever notice that once you find out where and how you went wrong on a question, you’re less likely to repeat that mistake? Your brain trains itself to avoid making the same errors over and over again, and through this process, you learn better. Apps use AI tools and other cool algorithms to analyze your performance, compare it with others’ and predict your score in the actual exam. Rectifying is the process of taking those inputs and applying them so that you right your wrongs for next time, and score to the best of your ability on test day.

Now that we’ve discussed all the ways you can use GMAT apps to absolutely crush your preparation, here’s one last pro tip. Most GMAT apps offer a couple of these features, but what if you want to find all five of them at one place? Surely that would be more convenient, right? Exactly. So, we have an app with all five functionalities and more.

The Jamboree GMAT App offers our carefully curated curriculum in the form of study videos by experienced faculty, practice questions close to the real GMAT ones and multiple full-length mock tests. Moreover, you get personalized advice to review and rectify your performance, verbal tips, formula sheets and access to our resourceful Q&A forum.

The Jamboree GMAT app is an innovative way to take your routine and tedious preparation to the next level. It stimulates your brain in all the right places and offers you a one stop solution for your GMAT prep. So, don’t forget to add it to your productivity app list.

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