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A Master’s in Management (MIM) degree has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you are also interested in pursuing a career in business and management and don’t know where to start, you are at the right place.

Given the growing demand for highly skilled business professionals, a top university MIM degree is crucial to ensuring a successful career. And what other place is better than Europe to do that? If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to study amidst Europe’s stunning scenery and myriad sights, you should read this blog till the very end to learn everything you need to know about studying MIM in Europe.

In This Blog

  1. Why should you pursue MIM in Europe
  2. Top MIM universities in Europe for international students
  3. Admission requirements to pursue the best MIM courses in Europe
  4. Conclusion

Why should you pursue MIM in Europe

Before jumping on to other details, let us see some of the reasons why you should pursue MIM in Europe:

  • A Global Perspective – The MIM programs in Europe feature an international focus that will enable you to gain a broad understanding of business and management.
  • Insights From Business Leaders Worldwide – Many MIM programs in European universities feature guest lecturers from across the world so that students can gain insights from professionals with diverse backgrounds.
  • Solid Academic Reputation – European Universities are highly respected for their academic excellence and impeccable management knowledge.
  • Multicultural Crowd – In today’s globalised business environment, multicultural exposure can be invaluable, and European universities can provide you with that.

Little or no work experience required – Most MIM programs in Europe do not require any work experience, making them a good option for recent graduates. You also get great placement opportunities to start your career in business and management.

Which country is best to pursue MIM?

Top MIM Universities In Europe For International Students

Numerous European universities offer MIM degrees, so finding the right option and understanding the admissions requirements can be challenging. But experts at Jamboree will help you know everything from admission requirements to career opportunities in Europe to make an informed decision.

Therefore, starting with the same here, we have compiled the list of top universities in Europe for studying MIM:

University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

University of St. Gallen’s business school has consistently ranked among the top in the world since it was founded in 1898. The one-year Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management program of St. Gallen’s is ranked as one of the best MIM programs in the world. In addition to its academic rigour, the program is known for its practical relevance and focus on international management. You can expect an average salary package of 137,449 USD after completing your postgraduate in management from here.

HEC Paris, France

One of the top MIM universities in Europe, HEC Paris offers top-ranked MSc in Management programs in Europe to more than 13,000 international students. You can build a strong business network at HEC Paris. At HEC, you are encouraged to develop your leadership and management skills. The MIM course at the university can help you get an average salary package of 128,145 USD.

London Business School, UK

Among Europe’s most prestigious MIM courses, London Business School’s Masters in Management program stands out. In addition to providing comprehensive business and management knowledge, the program emphasises practical application through group projects and case studies. Students from more than 40 countries enrol in the MIM programme of LBS, and you can be a part of that too and earn a weighted average salary of over 130,262 USD.

Mannheim Business School, Germany

International students in Germany and Europe prefer Mannheim Business School’s Master in Management degree for various reasons. The management course at Mannheim prepares you for leadership positions in a variety of industries through entrepreneurship and innovation. You can enrol in different MIM programmes at the university, starting from entrepreneurship to analytics and innovation. After completing MIM from Mannheim Business School, students earn an average salary of 133,000 USD.

SKEMA Business School, France:

SKEMA Business School is one of the top MIM universities in Europe. The Master in Management programme at the university is consistently ranked among the top management programmes in Europe. This programme emphasises global perspectives and cross-cultural communication skills while providing a broad education in business and management. Thousands of students from across the globe enrol in SKEMA business school’s postgraduate management course for excellent career advancement.

Admission Requirements To Pursue The Best MIM Courses In Europe

Most top universities in Europe have the same criteria for MIM courses. To pursue the best MIM courses in Europe, you must know the admission requirement as an international student.

The MIM courses in Europe have a duration of 1-2 years, and the fee for the course is between 15,000-30,000 EUR. Apart from this common information, here are the admission requirements that you must know:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a management or related field or equivalent from a government-recognised college/ university
  • Work experience of 1-2 years (not required by all universities)
  • Standardised test scores (GMAT or GRE), if required by the university
  • English Proficiency test scores. The minimum scores for English proficiency tests required by European universities for MIM courses are TOEFL: 90 or above, PTE: 50 or above, and IELTS: 5.5 or above.
  • Academic Transcript and other official documents
  • Documents showing financial support
  • Visa and passport

These are all the basic requirements for getting admission into a European university to study MIM courses. However, these are only some of the requirements that you have to fulfil. You must check each university’s official website to understand eligibility criteria better.


Whether you want to study business management, supply chain management, or entrepreneurship, European universities have many MIM courses to help you reach your career goals and be an industry expert. And to help you reach your true potential, experts at Jamboree are here as well! Book a free 15-minute session with our experts to learn more about MIM in Europe!

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