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A goal without a plan is just a wish. The decision to study abroad is not an easy one, multiple questions start to pop-up. The entire process is quite intense but doesn’t get fidgety. All you need to do is consolidate your study abroad decision with immaculate planning, research, execution and the expert guidance of an admission consultant.

The admission consultant can prepare a personalized road map to study abroad well in advance, to give aspirants ample time to prepare. The various factors like affordability, university programs, university requirements, visa process, pre-departure arrangements etc. need to be precisely considered before preparing a roadmap to study abroad. It’s almost a year long process. So, You need to know when to start, how to prepare, and what to target. A clear goal and perspective is needed along with professional help.

An overseas education consultant like Jamboree, can guide you on every step, and prepare a personalized road map for you to study abroad from scratch. Still thinking about how hiring abroad education consultants could be helpful? Alright let’s clear the clusters of questions and give you the answer to why you need a study abroad admission consultant.

In this blog:

1.    Stay Ahead
2.    Know Your Target
3.    Explore your options-Pick the right for you
4.    Prepare a Road Map
5.    Ask the right question

Stay ahead

Be prepared for the stiff competitive environment to study abroad as thousands of applicants apply in top universities around the world for the limited number of acceptance. Do not get discouraged by the low acceptance rate. You need to be very precise and understand what universities seek in terms of a student’s profile, test score, language proficiency score, letter of recommendation, essays, and academic transcripts etc. A study abroad consultant could give you an edge over other applicants and make your profile stand out. At Jamboree, we not only provide best preparation for standardized tests like SAT, GRE or GMAT and language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL, we also help you in preparing your profile and a lot more!

Here are the acceptance rates of the best universities in the U.S.A*.:

  • Stanford University – 4.34%
  • Harvard University – 4.92%
  • Columbia University – 6.1%
  • Princeton University – 6.5%
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – 6.7%
  • Yale University – 7%
  • University of Chicago – 7.9%
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – 8%
  • University of Pennsylvania – 10%
  • Cornell University – 15%

*Based on the acceptance rate for the year 2020,


Always keep in mind that a low acceptance rate doesn’t mean that the university is the right one for you. It is about your career and education. Finding the academic program that interests you is important as it will keep you going and lead you to a brighter future.

How do I start preparing for study abroad?

Have you taken the GMAT before?

Know Your Target

The next step after deciding that you want to study abroad is to decide upon which country, university, program you want and what kind of score would get you there. Deciding that could be really difficult and stressful. An admission consultant could help you, segregate  your choices based on academic profile, affordability and preference.

Once you have your Test score the admission consultant will guide you to which colleges and programs you could apply, and most likely to get accepted. Every college or university abroad has its own set of requirements and criteria for acceptance. You need to prepare yourself for the rigorous process. The study abroad consultant will keep you focused on your target, with valuable on time information and support. You need to be meticulously aware  about the timing on every step. The admission consultant will guide you to an early decision process which can boost your chances, inform you about dates and deadlines to send applications, and even help you with a post-acceptance process.

At Jamboree we encourage you to take advantage of our pre-departure value added services such as study loans, student accommodation, sim card, air ticket, local bank accounts abroad, Forex card, and getting insurance, etc.

Explore your options- Pick the right one for you

The most difficult part of studying abroad is deciding which is the right program for you. The decision needs to be made based on your choice and various factors like affordability and future job opportunities after finishing the program. The post- study visa extensions, future prospects of your trade in the countries you wish to study, exposure, alumni network  and global opportunities are the various factors that need to be considered before making a choice.

Study abroad programs could be exciting, empowering, challenging, life changing but they are certainly not cheap. Affordability of the program tuition and living expenses could be crucial factors curtailing your options. A study abroad consultant plays a major role in deciding which college and program to choose based on your preferences and situation. Jamboree helps you with career counselling and planning by assessing your profile and unbiased career exploration, Jamboree counsellors and admission consultants help you know yourself, explore your strengths and weaknesses, areas of interest, and chalk out a roadmap for admissions abroad by picking a program that align with your potential and stream that provide return on investment.

Want to know about universities abroad and their courses?

Have you taken the GMAT before?

Prepare a Road Map

The study abroad consultants provide personalized guidance on each step with on time deliverables that help you edge ahead. The experienced professional experts at Jamboree prepare a personalized road map for study abroad aspirants considering their profile, academics, Test scores and financial.

Here are some steps to study abroad that could be part of your road map –

  • Assess your profile, assess what programs you are eligible for? Is your academic profile good enough? How much score do you need to make up for any competitively weak academic?
  • Choose a program, university and country to target
  • Register and take the standardized test based on your qualification and program you want to pursue
  • Get a good standardized test score
  • Pick the language proficiency test based on its acceptance in the country you are targeting
  • Clear a language proficiency test
  • Measure your finances, seek scholarships, grants etc. if you require financial support
  • Re- assess your preferences based on your SAT, GRE or GMAT score and IELTS or TOEFL score
  • Prepare your profile, transcript, LORs, Essays or SOPs
  • Send scores along with complete profile to the colleges of your choice, where you are most likely to get accepted
  • As when you get a letter of acceptance – apply for student visa – target to attend university orientation program and on time arrivals. Also apply for loans if needed. Jamboree also helps its students get student loans at affordable rates
  • Prepare for departure – get ticket, book airport pickup, accommodation, currency, local bank accounts, Forex card, and pack appropriately depending upon the country, and program duration

Ask the right question

So, rather than asking why you need to hire a study abroad consultant? You should ask – what do you need to look for in an overseas study consultant? The answer is quite simple actually – all you need is experience, facilities and support at one stop. Jamboree has it all – we have been there since 1993 with massive networks of Jamboree students worldwide. We provide top-notch test  prep for GRE , GMAT and SAT with hundreds of admits in top universities across the globe and most of it we care for you with personalized guidance, support in preparation, application process and staying abroad.

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