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Well, we know that higher education in the US is not exactly pocket friendly, but there are ways to fix that, and one of the most effective ways is through scholarships. When looking for scholarships, your first natural stop should be the official website of your chosen university itself. Next, list all external scholarships you can get your hands on. In this blog, we will cover a comprehensive list of top full-ride and partial scholarships in USA for Indian students and their eligibility criteria that you can’t afford to miss!


  1. UG scholarships for USA
  2. MS scholarships in USA
  3. MBA scholarships for USA

UG scholarships for USA

Undergrad in the US is a 4-year program, and the amount of out-of-state tuition international students pay is outrageous! So here’s a list of UG scholarships for USA to help you cut down your tuition and living expenses while studying in US.

Name of Scholarship Description Program / Eligibility Scholarship Amount
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships Covers: Tuition fees, one-way travel, & living expenses Applicable for all programs.
Exception: Computer Science, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Public Health, and Music & Film Animation
USD 1,00,000
The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program Students pursuing a non-graduate degree
(in selected disciplines)
Eligibility: TOEFL score Variable
Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship Offers grants to fund scholarships with sustainable and high-impact outcomes of focus in 6 areas
Eligibility: Minimum expenditure budget of 30,000 USD Variable
American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Renewable for 4 years and dependent on academic excellence Covers: All billable expenses of UG students at a US university Variable
Tata Scholarships for Cornell University Merit-based scholarship offered to 20 meritorious UG students at the Cornell University Eligibility: Students must meet the required income bar Variable
Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarship Fully-funded scholarship offered by Illinois Wesleyan University All international students enrolled for UG program are eligible USD 16,000 – USD 30,000
Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Covers: Total tuition fees, living expense, travel & health costs All UG students at Stanford University are eligible Variable
Cornell University Financial Aid Offers need-based financial assistance to students Eligibility: Students must meet the required income bar Variable
Berea College Scholarships 100% funding to all UG students in their first year UG students enrolled at Berea College are eligible 100% off on tuition fees
Boston University Presidential Scholarship Renewable every year for 4 years All Undergraduate students enrolled at Boston University are eligible USD 25,000 off on tuition fees
University of Memphis Scholarship It covers the difference in tuition fees for domestic & international students It can be availed by all UG students enrolled at the University of Memphis Variable
Treasure Scholarship at Boise State University Fully-funded scholarship All UG students at the university are eligible USD 8,460
Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students Annual scholarship for all international students Eligibility: A consistently excellent academic record USD 32,000
ICPS Scholarships at University of Oregon Offered to meritorious international students who are in need of financial assistance All full-time UG students at the University of Oregon are eligible Variable
Berea College Scholarships for International Students Covers: 100% of the tuition fees at Berea College Students with an excellent academic record are suitable Total Tuition Cost

Download the entire list of scholarships to study in USA here!

MS Scholarships in US for Indian students

Here’s a list of MS scholarships in US for Indian students to help bring down the cost of studying MS in the USA.

Name of Scholarship Description Program / Eligibility Amount in USD
Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship Offered to all students studying in a US accredited university Minimum 3 years of work experience Variable
Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Offered in the form of a loan and grant in a 50-50 split Students should be from a country where the Aga Khan Foundation operates Variable
Generation Google Scholarship Offered only to Computer Science students Students with an excellent academic record in CS & related fields are eligible USD 10,000
AAUW International Fellowship This fellowship is awarded only to women who study full-time Students should have a good score in their bachelor’s and a proven English proficiency USD 18,000
Global Study Awards Offered by the British Council to cover tuition costs Students who are pursuing their MS and have a good score in IELTS are eligible USD 14,000
Sushil Jajodia Indian Student Scholarship It is provided by the University of Oregon to MS students 3 Indian students with good academic record are eligible USD 3000
Dean’s Scholarship Offered by the New York University to all their students pursuing MS It is awarded to students pursuing all streams of MS 100% tuition covered
Illinois State University Scholarship Partial tuition waivers Students who have and an excellent academic record are eligible USD 10,000

MBA Scholarships to study in USA for Indian students

By now it might be a little obvious that we love making lists! So here’s one for MBA scholarships in USA for Indian students:

Name of Scholarship Description Program / Eligibility Scholarship Amount
The Indian Trust Fellowship Offered to students with exceptional academic records, extracurriculars and achievements. Covers: Tuition fees of full-time MBA students of the Booth School of Business USD 10,000
Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship Fellowship are awarded to only two students Covers: Tuition fees of the 2-year MBA program USD 25,000
Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students Offered to only five qualified students Covers: MBA tuition fees USD 1,50,000
Tuck Non-Profit Fellowship Awarded by the Centre for Business & Society, at the Tuck School of Business Students with exceptional academic & professional records are eligible USD 10,000 – USD 29,648
Merit-based & Need-based Scholarships Offered by the Tuck School of Business Eligibility: Compelling biographical essay and more USD 5000 to 100% tuition fees
Master’s Fellowship Offered by the Sloan School of Management
Covers: 100% tuition fees
Available to all students irrespective of their backgrounds From USD 5000 up to total course fee
McKinsey Award Awarded to 4 first year students Eligible students are shortlisted by a committee through applications & interviews Variable
Diversity Scholarships Offered by Kellogg School of Management Students with excellent academic record & leadership skills are eligible 50% tuition fee waiver
Emerging Economy Fellowship The Wharton School of Business provides it to full-time MBA students Eligibility: Applicants to Wharton are eligible for this fellowship USD 55,000
Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship Offered to 10 students who wish to work in the non-profit sector Eligibility: Must have prior experience working in the non-profit sector USD 10,000
HBS Fellowship Program Need-based scholarship offered by the Harvard Business School Eligibility: Students admitted in this institute & in need of funds are eligible for it USD 32,000
Meyer Feldberg Distinguished Fellowship Program Columbia Business School offers it to students of Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise Eligibility: All students with excellent academic skills & leadership are eligible 100% tuition fees

These scholarships can help you cover your tuition fee and whole or parts of your living expenses while you are studying in US. You can further take up a part-time job at your university or elsewhere to manage other costs. If you have more questions about studying in US or need guidance in writing your scholarship essay, connect with our counsellors for a free 15-minute session to resolve all your doubts.

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