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Standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, the STEM courses come as an obvious choice for those looking for high-paying jobs with ample growth opportunities. Several studies highlight that the wages of professionals in STEM courses are more than double that of non-STEM professionals and as you read, the demand is still ever-increasing.

Although this ensures that opting for STEM courses is the right career choice for Science and Maths enthusiasts, the conundrum is always about the best place to study STEM. Universities across the world offer top-notch STEM courses. With the internet throwing so much information at you, it’s often difficult to come down to one country for your STEM degree. So, which country is the best to study STEM courses?

Grabbing the spotlight of being a STEM hub, the US has emerged as a top choice for students wishing to pursue a career in STEM-related fields. Now the following question you may ask is what makes it the best place to study STEM courses?

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Why should you opt for STEM courses in the USA?

Known as ‘the land of opportunities’, the USA provides ample avenues for learning, career growth, and building global networks. Home to some of the finest universities in the world, the US boasts high academic standards and excellent education. As per the QS World Ranking 2023, one in every top four universities is from the USA. It houses some of the most prestigious and sought-after universities known for their STEM courses, including Harvard, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, UPenn, Princeton, and Yale.

But there is more to why one should opt for STEM courses in the USA than just top universities. Let’s find out!

Visa extension for graduates of STEM courses in the USA

Visa extension comes as an out-and-loud benefit of pursuing STEM courses in the USA. While the graduates of other streams can get a post-study work visa of just [xxx] months, STEM graduates who hold an F-1 visa can get a 24-month visa extension. They can apply for this extension after completing their Optional Practical Training, which lasts 12 months. This means that international students graduating in STEM courses in the US can stay back and work in the country for three years!

Silicon Valley for graduates of STEM courses in the USA

Serving as the country’s tech hub, Silicon Valley is a major incentive for Indian students wanting to study STEM courses in the USA. The Valley houses the global headquarters of pioneering tech giants such as Alphabet (Google), Apple, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Microsoft. Most of these companies offer attractive training & internship programs like the Google Summer Internship or Microsoft Internship for students. The possibility of ultimately graduating and getting to work at the headquarters of one of these prestigious companies is what drives most international students towards STEM courses in the USA.

Increasing demand for STEM professionals in the USA

STEM-related careers lead to successful and rewarding careers. As per recent research by Glassdoor, with ample job vacancies, strong work satisfaction, and high earning potential, STEM careers dominate the top 50 careers in the US. Add to it the fact that the US is facing a talent shortage at a 10-year high. By 2030, the global talent shortage could reach 85.2 million people affecting knowledge-intensive companies with losses worth trillions of dollars in economic opportunity. The need for STEM professionals has thus increased, including data analysts, data scientists, artificial intelligence, and machine learning specialists.

Continued focus on Science & Tech in the USA

USA ranks number one globally for the expenditure on gross research and development (R&D). Continuing its focus on science and technology, the US government announced a remarkable increase in the investments and spending levels for basic and applied research, topping the total Federal R&D expenditure at $200 billion for the first time in history. The budget is allocated for solutions in the STEM space, including climate change, ending cancer, pandemic readiness, and distinguished research and innovation in the science and tech sector, among others.

Jobs after STEM courses in the USA

By 2025, the US needs to fill in nearly 3.5 million STEM jobs. Although the US continues to focus on science and technology, there is a dearth of STEM professionals in the country. STEM careers are at the heart of the skills gap in the US, and the country has an ongoing five-year plan to boost its STEM education. The US has also allocated higher budget expenditures for STEM-related research, scholarships, and fellowships. Computer Scientists, Geologists, Biochemists, Data Scientists, and Analysts are some of the careers in high demand.

STEM courses in the US are not restricted to just classrooms. They also have a practical curriculum that equips students with the latest technological and innovative skills required to solve the problems of today’s world. The flourishing science & technology sector opens up a flood of opportunities in the STEM sector, creating a huge demand for STEM specialists.

With huge investments, career opportunities, world-class education, and top universities, the USA holds the baton for the best destination to study STEM programs.

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