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You’ve tweaked your sleep time, cut down on entertainment, and rushed through your daily chores, but you still cannot fit IELTS preparation classes into your schedule. We get it, but if you’re still determined to ace the IELTS, we have a way. Read on!

The IELTS exam is a test of your proficiency in the English language. Universities, colleges, and employers across all English-speaking countries assess your ability to communicate in English based on your IELTS score. So, when migrating abroad, whether as a student or a professional, you need to take the IELTS; and not just take it, you must put your best foot forward. This blog will help you find the answer to the question, ‘how to improve IELTS score?’ Let’s dive in!

If you’re convinced there’s no way to fit an IELTS coaching into your schedule, you can scout for the best IELTS preparation online. Read till the end of the blog, we’ll help you find even that!

Get your study plan

As with any other exam, you need to get a study plan in order before you kickstart your IELTS preparation, especially when preparing for the IELTS online. A study plan works as a clear plan of action, tells you where to start, and helps you set the weekly milestones in your IELTS preparation journey.

With 29 years of expertise in the test prep industry, Jamboree’s experts have formulated a ‘tried & tested’ IELTS study plan. This 6-week study plan lays out your week-to-week IELTS preparation journey, to which you are required to dedicate just an hour every day. Download a printable PDF file of this ready-to-study IELTS preparation plan.

You can tick off in the status box as you achieve a milestone. Additionally, you can relax or put in more study hours depending on the time left for your IELTS exam.

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Take practice tests

We cannot stress enough on the importance of practice tests in any test prep journey. Before enrolling in an IELTS preparation course online, check out their practice tests. It’s important since practice tests bring you face-to-face with an exam-like situation, challenging questions and help you identify your weak areas while letting you improve your strong areas.

Although ETS gives out its own set of IELTS sectional tests–Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking- no amount of practice tests are enough! Jamboree’s IELTS mock tests are the closest thing you can get to an actual IELTS exam. Counted among the best IELTS preparation online, Jamboree’s IELTS online portal offers you advanced analytics, score predictor tools, and unique sectional tests to level up your test preparation. While taking practice tests, keep a check on the time you’re taking to answer questions and work towards your efficiency.

While we’re on the subject of practice tests, why don’t you take one for yourself and see how IELTS-ready you are? If a full-length practice test seems too early right now, you can opt for the mini IELTS quiz.

Stop mugging up vocab lists

What will happen if you learn the words of a language in lists and not sentences? Though mugging up vocabulary lists might seem the quickest way to ace the IELTS, it’s certainly the wrong way. Instead of learning a language naturally, you’re hogging on words in a list that you believe will help you string together sentences. So, what’s the answer to one of the most asked IELTS questions, ‘How to improve reading score in IELTS?’

Read newspaper articles, magazines, novels, short stories, and other literary pieces in the English language. As you come across words you don’t know, get them on a list, learn their meanings and piece them into sentences and your day-to-day spoken English. Research has shown that to grasp a new word, you need to use it at least 15-20 times a day.

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Pick a speaking partner

The best way to learn a language is by speaking it, so get yourself a partner to practise your spoken English. On the actual IELTS exam, you’ll be communicating with an examiner in English, and a partner can be a big advantage for your IELTS Speaking test, a catalyst that can help you improve your IELTS band.

Your speaking partner can be your friend, teacher, mentor, parent or anybody who can effectively improve your English language skills. A partner will help you with daily practice, the correct pronunciation of words, carry on a conversation, and above all, make you more confident. If you’re finding it difficult to get hold of a partner, you can record yourself speaking in English to check for your pronunciation, fluency, and grammar.

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Idioms & phrases for IELTS speaking

Choose multiple learning sources

Don’t restrict your IELTS preparation to just books, practice tests, and what you learn through IELTS study material online. Many test-takers believe that getting a teacher and a book can help you ace the IELTS, but as true as it sounds, it’s not. Often, test-takers copy-paste what they learn on the internet into the IELTS exam, resulting in a dull and derivative performance. This may be helpful but won’t get you a high score.

IELTS preparation can be fun; you just have to do it the right way. Watch movies, shows, stand-up comedy, and listen to podcasts, all in the English language. Read up on your favourite movie reviews, biographies of famous people, and newspaper articles that help you learn something new while also improving your English. Here’s a list of the best TV series for IELTS listening.

Before you jump onto that list and go binge-watching, here’s something to take with you. ‘IELTS is a test of your English language skills’, and learning a language with the right mentor is easier. Therefore, step 1 of acing the IELTS despite your busy schedule is enrolling in the best IELTS online course that saves you some travel and getting ready time!

With expert faculty and top IELTS scorers, Jamboree knows exactly what the IELTS examiners are looking for. Depending on what fits your schedule and requirements, you can check out our IELTS Classroom or IELTS Online training options.

For more details on how to improve your IELTS score, book a free fifteen-minute session with our expert.

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