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Unsurprisingly, FAME courses have been steadily gaining popularity. The name itself kind of gives that away. Organizations across the globe now acknowledge the importance of business and finance courses and offer incredible career prospects to FAME graduates from good universities. Moreover, students find these courses exciting and enriching as they inter-relate its constituents – finance, accounting, management and economics.  In the contemporary landscape, these four subjects have emerged as some of the most influential fields of study at both graduate and postgraduate levels in business schools and universities present in different parts of the world, including Germany.

Why study FAME courses?

For most students, the answer lies in the abundance of career opportunities and salary potential in this field.

Some of the top paid jobs such as Investment banking, Advertising, Consulting, International business, Accounting & finance, etc. branch out from FAME subjects. Other areas with high demand for FAME graduates include trading, retail management, distribution and logistics management, sales, human resources, business consultancy, etc.

While lucrative salaries are a definite plus, the diversity in sectors of employment is impressive as well. Energy/utilities, health care, products and services, manufacturing, government/non-profit, media and entertainment the list of sectors of employability is endless.

The diversity and plenitude of careers with a FAME degree explains the subject’s appeal for many students.

A practical approach to theory

Almost all FAME courses put a significant emphasis on the practical application of theory. This can be introduced in several ways in a curriculum, such as through case studies, group projects, role plays, site visitations, internships and so on. These activities are incorporated within the learning procedure itself.

The combination of practical application and academic knowledge makes studying the FAME subjects quite an appealing prospect for anyone interested in entrepreneurship or for those who have a knack for competitive and challenging activities.  However, pursuing a FAME course usually is dependent on the desire of a person to pursue a particular subject like economics or accounting. Finance departments are, in fact, one of the biggest areas of employment for business graduates, and the students having specialization in the FAME courses definitely get to reap benefits in this situation.

Why study FAME courses in Germany?

Each year, an increasing number of students are selecting Germany as the destination to pursue their Bachelor’s and Master’s in FAME courses. For some students, this can be due to the fact that public universities in Germany charge no tuition fees,  while for some others, it is the quality of learning experience that matters.

Students who choose to pursue a Master’s degree in finance, accounting, management, or economics enjoy a high standard of living, outstanding quality of education, and employment opportunities in Germany, Europe, and globally. The average salary of students with Master’s in FAME subjects from Germany is a whopping $120,000!

Moreover, there is an expansive array of Masters in Economics, Administration, Business, Finance, and allied programs available to students who are interested in their related specialization areas and disciplines. These specializations include courses in risk management, real estate, transportation management, international business, industrial administration, and so on. Regardless of the subject one chooses to study, one would be able to enjoy quite an interesting curriculum and even gain hands-on experience. Experienced professors, as well as a well-planned curriculum belonging to the leading business schools of Germany, are responsible for many successful professionals across the world.

Which German universities are good for FAME subjects?

Germany is known to have some of the leading business schools in the world such as ESMT Berlin, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Mannheim Business School (MBS).

Here we have compiled a list of top 20 universities in Germany where you can pursue FAME subjects. Take a look!

Universities QS World Ranking 2020 FAME Subject
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management 13 Management
TUM School of Management 20 Management
WHU (Otto Beisheim) 22 Finance
Mannheim Business School 25 Management
Universität Mannheim 45 Economics
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management 52 Finance


Technical University Munich 55 Finance
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 64 Economics
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg 63 Economics
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management 65 Finance
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management 67 Management
ESMT Berlin 101 Management
Goethe Business School 105 Finance
Freie Universitaet Berlin 127 Economics
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 128 Accounting


University of Berlin 130 Finance
University of Göttingen 204 Economics
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn 226 Economics
Goethe University Frankfurt 291 Finance
University Of Kaiserslautern 301 Finance

All of these are widely recognized and have made an impressive name for themselves. As a result, earning a FAME degree from any of these institutions can put a person on a rewarding career path.

What about language issues?

Language can be the most prominent barrier for students planning to pursue higher studies in Germany. However, the majority of  leading universities and business schools of Germany offer programs in both English and German so as to ensure that their international students don’t face any inconvenience. On the whole, it would definitely be worth doing a Master’s in FAME courses in Germany. If you want to know more about studying undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Germany, schedule a 15 minute free session with our experienced study abroad counselors now.

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