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You don’t have to push yourself to lose it like Alex Dunphy to excel in SAT. This article will show you how to level up your SAT scores this year with a proactive approach.

The SAT is a standardized exam that has been prescribed as a requirement for undergraduate admission in a majority of colleges and universities in the world. Academic achievement levels play a significant role in influencing SAT scores, among other things like psychological and personal aspects. Let’s elaborate on how these factors play a role in your SAT score.

Achievement Levels

Discerning institutional and instructional factors affect the SAT performance of a student to a good degree. Students who tend to attend schools having a low teacher-to-pupil ratio and provide more individual attention to each of the pupils are likely to perform better throughout their high school years and subsequently achieve a commendable GPA average and impressive SAT scores. Getting enrolled into schools that have a good record of SAT scores can also increase the chances of one getting high grades in such tests. These schools typically maintain a high- achieving educational ambience and have a rigorous curriculum, which allows students to fully develop their potential, skills, and strategies that are needed to take the SAT exam successfully.

Psychological Factors

The psychological development and attributes of the students taking the test also influence the SAT scores to a good extent.  Certain cognitive development factors like the ability to integrate new information with prior knowledge, long-term memory, and awareness of the value of learning can impact SAT performance. The students’ performance is also to a degree influenced by distinguished personality traits and elements like motivation to achieve, self-efficiency, and capacity to maintain academic focus.

How can I get a good SAT score in 2021?

The SAT scores are a big deal and can influence your future academic prospects to a great extent. The better you score in the exam, the higher will be chances of getting into more renowned colleges and universities, as well as qualifying for scholarship opportunities. While your academic environment and psychological factors shall influence your SAT scores, maintaining a systematic and proactive approach while preparing for the exam can help in faring better, to quite an extent.

Here are some of the critical factors that can help you get better SAT scores in 2021:

  1. Improve your vocabulary

Right from writing the college application essay to completing the critical reading section, there are many elements in the SAT exam where vocabulary  matters a lot. Hence, it is essential to try and improve it. The best way to do so is to instantly look up complex and challenging words when you come across them, to understand their meaning and use.  Understanding, rather than memorizing, the context and usage of words can help enrich your vocabulary, which will stand you in good stead not only while applying to college but also far beyond.

  1. Keep reading and writing

By doing more reading, you can come across new ideas, writing styles, and new words, which ultimately adds to your vocabulary and comprehension. You can read anything you like, such as magazines and research journals related to your interests, scientific articles, newspapers, case studies, and so on. Reading more can also help in enhancing your critical reasoning skills. After reading a book or an article, try to summarize it in your own words. This shall not only get you thinking about what you have just read, but also allow you to flex your writing skills as well.

  1. Take practice tests

One of the critical factors determining your SAT scores would be the number and type of questions that you practice for the exam. There shall be several variables that you may come across on the test day, like you may not feel well, or get disturbed by the commotion near you, and so on. Practice tests and SAT mock tests can help train your mind to concentrate on the exam and not on the surroundings. Moreover, by taking practice tests, you gain a better idea of the way SAT is structured, the type of questions to expect, as well and identify your biggest problem areas so that you can work extra hard on them later on.

  1. Understand and memorize formulas

Even though some of the formulas shall be given to you right at the start of the test, you can lose out on precious time just by flipping back and forth. Hence, it is always better to have the important formulas memorized through practice.

  1. Do not cram or stress

A lot of students have the habit of cramming and stressing the night before the exam. Pulling an all-nighter may help you with school exams, but this will not work in SAT. This is because SAT is not a learning-based test, but an application-based test. We recommend that students dedicate two months exclusively to SAT prep. This will ensure stress-free exam experience and better performance.

Want more tips for stress-free SAT prep? Connect with us now and our counselor will take you through SAT prep options to help you find the one that suits you best.

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