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Life is not perfect, but your MBA résumé should be! No, it’s not like your typical job résumé where you list academic background, internships, work experiences… and ta-da, you hit send.

If perfectly tailored, the MBA résumé is the key to top MBA program at one of your dream colleges! So how can you make that perfect MBA résumé so that it catches the eye of the admissions committee? A lot of people fill up their résumé with work experiences and education and so will you, but what will make your MBA résumé really stand out and shine among other applications? You need to prove that you have the aptitude and penchant for leadership, team building and working under pressure.

Here are some online courses that you can do and mention in your résumé that will not only have your résumé blinging, but also prove that you are genuinely interested in your target B-school.

Harvard Business School- Sustainable Business Strategy

A strong will to positively change the world is what the business schools are looking for in a candidate. Therefore, the Harvard Business School Sustainable Business Strategy is the perfect course for someone who wants to make a remarkable difference in the world. The 3-week course covers social injustices, income inequality and climate change that will help you get an in-depth insight into socio-economic problems and their solutions.

LinkedIn Learning- Finance Essentials for Small Business

Everyone starts small, and if you are going to start a business, chances are you’ll too. But, without knowing the A, B, Cs of your finances, you and your business will be a complete mess. But, worry not, with the Finance Essentials for a Small Business course offered by LinkedIn Learning, you will be a full-fledged entrepreneur with financial literacy at your fingertips. The course will help you grow a small business and not to mention that you will succeed in getting the admissions committee’s special attention with your managerial strategies. So definitely, do this course and add it to your résumé!

Yale University- Capitalism: Success, Crisis, and Reform

Business and politics go hand-in-hand, and hence the Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform is the perfect course offered by Yale University. With political science concepts, the course will introduce topics that are related to our day-to-day life. From human potential to public health to poverty, the course covers all. It will help you understand how politics, economics and society are intertwined.

The Open University- Developing your Leadership Style

Behind every strong business, there is a compassionate leader. According to research by McKinsey & Co, a compassionate leader will perform better and cultivate trust and engagement within the team members. The ability to lead is one of the most sought-after skills by the admissions officers. So, Developing your Leadership Style course by the Open University can demonstrate your interest in the area. With topics like leadership in 21st-century organizations and adaptive leadership, the course will offer you an in-depth understanding of different leadership styles and guide you in mastering your own.

University of Pennsylvania- Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty

According to the soft skills are in need more than ever in a post-Covid world. Of course, anyone can run a business with basic knowledge, but what does it take to keep the business successfully running even in times of uncertainties? Resilience is all you need to keep going! This course will teach you how to manage anxiety, stay positive, enhance relationships and incorporate these skills into your professional and personal life. Incorporating resilience will prepare you for any adversities that life may throw your way!

Stanford University- Game Theory

Want to be ahead of the game than every other candidate? Then the Game Theory course is for you. One of the most famous pop culture topics, Game Theory will introduce you to a unique marketing aspect. With real-life examples in business, society, and politics, you will learn to differentiate between repeated and coalition games and how to find a solution for problem sets.

The above-mentioned courses are just few among many that can help you carve your MBA résumé to its finest. Besides, the zeal to always keep learning is a skill that the MBA schools look for in a prospective candidate. With these courses, you will not only come off as a keen learner, but also a self-motivated one.

Want to know more about latest upcoming courses that can brighten your MBA résumé? Connect with our counselors for a 15 minute free session. They will take an in-depth look at your profile and suggest more ways to make your MBA application stand out.

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