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Being the second largest educational hub in the world, the United Kingdom provides an academic atmosphere that fosters great minds and stimulates creativity. The historic halls of Oxford and Cambridge to the cutting-edge campuses of London Business School and Imperial College, UK’s educational institutions consistently rank amongst the finest of all universities. 

Whether you’re thinking about management theories or devising new business tactics, the UK’s rich educational tradition will inspire and drive you every step of the way. So what are you waiting for? Come, let’s together find out the advantages of pursuing an MBA from the UK.

In this blog: 

  1. Reasons to pursue MBA in UK that you can’t ignore
  2. Know the best MBA colleges in UK
  3. Top MBA courses in UK
  4. Tuition fees, scholarships and cost of living in the UK. Know it all.
  5. Last but not the least…

Reasons to pursue MBA in UK that you can’t ignore

  1. Academic Excellence: The UK is home to major colleges and business schools that are known for academic excellence and demanding MBA programs. Oxford, Warwick, London Business School, and Imperial College Business School consistently rank among the finest in the world. Studying in the UK provides a high-quality education that is valued by companies globally, thanks to world-class teachers, top MBA colleges, cutting-edge research, and a lively academic environment.
  2. Global Business Networking: The UK, particularly London, is a global powerhouse for business and commerce. From international enterprises to startups, the United Kingdom provides unparalleled access to a thriving business ecosystem. Imagine networking with industry executives and finding internships, while immersing oneself in prospective entrepreneurial endeavours. You don’t want to miss it right?
  3. Program Duration in UK: Another strong reason to consider MBA courses in the UK is to fast-track your MBA degree. Unlike two-year MBA programs offered by universities in other western countries, UK colleges offer one-year MBA programs, along with an option to pursue an MIM degree. What’s the benefit? You’ll finish your MBA faster and start your career sooner.
  4. Post-Graduate Work Possibilities: Thinking about long-term? As the Graduate Route permits international students to stay and work in the UK after finishing their studies for up to two years, students can find appealing post-graduate career opportunities there. This invaluable experience allows you to get international exposure, develop professional networks, and a chance to boost your employability.

Know the best MBA colleges in UK

Here are the best universities in UK for MBA, along with their tuition fees and duration of the program. 

Universities Course Duration  Tuition Fees (Approx.)
London School of Business 15-21 Months £90,000
Oxford Said University  12 Months £89,500
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge 12 Months £65,000
Imperial Business School  12 Months £61,000
Warwick Business School  12 Months £50,500
Leeds Business School 12 Months £31,300
Booth School of Business 21 Months £53,500
Edinburgh Business School 12 Months £38,500


Know the complete MBA in UK process for Indian students

The universities in UK admit students in three intakes, namely:


Intakes  Deadlines for Application Session begins 
Winter January/February August-September
Summer April/May October-January
Fall September June-July

Top MBA courses in UK

There are diverse MBA programs that the UK has to offer to international students, to fit varied professional objectives, ranging from Quality Management to Sports Management, International Business to Healthcare Management.

Your ambitions and future plans are two key factors to consider when choosing an MBA specialisation. It is critical to match your chosen MBA specialisation with your goals and develop a strategy for achieving them. Furthermore, thinking about the future is critical because new advancements and ideas are always shaping the chosen subject of MBA specialisation

We are listing down some of the specialisation courses available in UK colleges that might interest you. 


MBA HR MBA International Marketing
MBA Finance MBA Co operative Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship
MBA Marketing MBA Healthcare Management 
MBA International Human Resource Management  MBA Hospital and Health Services 
MBA in Entrepreneurship MBA Global Healthcare Management and Leadership

Tuition fees, scholarships and cost of living in the UK. Know it all.

Tuition fees

A research-based MBA programme in the UK typically ranges from £31,000 – £90,000 for overseas students, with programmes lasting between 12 and 21 months. The projected annual tuition fees for a two-year MBA programme are £90,000. 


Pursuing an MBA in the UK has a cost, and it’s no secret that the fees can be quite hefty. But fear not! There are various scholarships available to help offset the cost of MBA tuition fees. These scholarships provide a lifeline for many overseas students who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom.

Here are a few top-tier scholarships that might help you:

  1. Commonwealth Fellowship Plan: Fully-funded, allowing you to pursue MBA without any worry. 
  2. Imperial Women Scholarship: Designed exclusively for women, provides variable financial support.
  3. GMAT Excellence Award: Aids you in financing your MBA adventure with $5,350.
  4. Global Study Prizes: Imagine having an extra £10,000 in your pocket! This scholarship grants financial assistance to overseas students.  
  5. BK Birla Scholarships: Aids you in financing your full MBA tuition fees. 
  6. Inlaks Scholarships: Similar to BK Birla Scholarship, the cost of your MBA tuition fees are covered in this scholarship. 
  7. Excellent Scholarship: This scholarship will pay all your expenditure during the program.
  8. Chevening Scholarships: It’s an all-inclusive scholarship! As the name suggests, it covers tuition, monthly stipends, and even travel and visa.  

Cost of Living in UK

We understand, living in the UK as an international student can put a dent in your wallet. In well-known places like London, monthly living expenses can easily exceed €1,500, leaving your bank account gasping for breath. However, in smaller towns, you can get by with a monthly budget of €700-1,200, giving your pocket some much-needed breathing space. 

Remember, your choice of residence can greatly impact your expenditure.

Dormitories are available at many colleges in the UK. And, believe us, these dorms not only offer fantastic value for money, but also include utilities charges in the whole package. Also, do you consider renting an apartment? A one-bedroom property outside of town will set you back roughly £610 per month, while a three-bedroom flat will set you back around £1,255 per month. 

We know, living in the UK may not give you the ultimate economic bliss, but you can handle the financial landscape like a boss if you budget carefully and choose the correct location and accommodations. 

Last but not the least… 

The UK is home to world-class universities that will feed your mind and fuel your academic growth. Along with excellent education and a thriving corporate environment, the UK offers a journey of transformation and success for those aspiring to excel in the domain of business management. 

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