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If you are planning to take the GMAT exam, stick around because we have some key details to share! In this blog, we’ll guide you through the GMAT registration fee in India, the scheduling process, and the requirements for taking the test. Consider this blog your financial roadmap to GMAT success!

In this blog:

  1. What is the GMAT exam fee in India?
  2. How to schedule the GMAT exam?
  3. Is a passport compulsory for taking the GMAT exam?
  4. When should you start your GMAT Prep?
  5. How long does it take to get the GMAT results?

What is the GMAT exam fee in India?

The GMAT exam fee varies depending on the location and other factors. In India, GMAT exam registration cost is USD 275 which roughly converts to INR 23,000. You also get an Enhanced Score Report (ESR) for your GMAT exam results, the cost of which is included in the GMAT exam registration fees. ESR includes a breakdown of your scores by section, percentile rankings, and the ability to compare your performance to other test-takers.

Bear in mind that besides the basic GMAT exam fee, GMAC also offers additional services at an extra cost, including:

  1. GMAT Exam Rescheduling/ Cancellation 

You can reschedule or cancel your GMAT exam up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment of your exam start time. Your fee varies depending on the number of days before you decide to reschedule/cancel your test appointment.

GMAT Reschedule fee

  • $50 – More than 60 days prior to appointment
  • $100 – 15 to 60 days prior to appointment
  • $150 – 1 to 14 days prior to appointment

GMAT Cancellation Fee

  • $165 ($110 refund) – More than 60 days prior to appointment
  • $190 ($80 refund) – 15 to 60 days prior to appointment
  • $220 ($55 refund) – 1 to 14 days prior to appointment
  • Sending Score Reports

The GMAT exam fee covers sending your scores to up to five business school programs. If you wish to send your scores to more than five schools, there is an additional fee of US $35 or ₹2,920 (approx.) per school.

How to Schedule the GMAT Exam?

Before we dive into the financial aspects of the GMAT exam, it’s important to understand how to schedule it. The GMAT exam is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). To schedule your GMAT exam, you need to follow these steps:

Here are the steps to schedule your GMAT exam:

  1. Create a GMAC Account: You’ll need to create an account on the GMAC website ( to get started. This account will be your gateway to registering for the GMAT and receiving your scores.Step 1
  2. Select a Test Type & Mode: You can choose between GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition to be taken online or a test centre that is convenient for you. GMAT test centres are located in various cities across India, making it accessible to students from different regions.Step 2
  3. Choose a Test Date: Once you’ve selected a test centre, you’ll need to choose a test date that suits your schedule. It’s advisable to schedule your GMAT exam well in advance to secure your preferred date and time.Step 3
  4. Pay the Exam Fee: After selecting your test date, you’ll be prompted to pay the GMAT exam fee. The fee varies, and we’ll discuss it in more detail in the next section.
  5. Prepare for the Exam: While scheduling your exam, make sure to allocate enough time for preparation. There are numerous study resources available, such as official GMAT study materials, test prep books, and online courses. Preparing adequately is crucial for a competitive score.
  6. Confirmation and Test Day: After payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details about your test centre, date, and time. Ensure that you bring valid identification (usually a passport) on the day of the exam.

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Is a Passport Compulsory for Taking the GMAT Exam?

Yes, a passport is generally compulsory for taking the GMAT exam in India, as it serves as the primary form of identification. The passport is used to verify your identity, and it should be valid and not expired.

If you do not have a passport, you should consider obtaining one well in advance of your GMAT test date. Passport application and processing times can vary, so it’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure that you have the required identification in time for your exam.

Additionally, make sure that the name on your passport matches the name you used when registering for the GMAT. Any discrepancies can lead to complications on test day, so it’s best to double-check this information.

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When Should You Start Your GMAT Prep?

The ideal time to start your GMAT preparation is typically around 2 to 6 months before your intended test date. However, the actual time needed may vary depending on your current skill level and how much time you can dedicate to your GMAT exam preparation.

If you are someone who is familiar with the exam format and feels confident in your skills, then a shorter period of preparation may be sufficient. On the other hand, if you are someone who is less familiar with the exam format and requires more practice, then a longer period of preparation may be necessary.

How Long Does It Take to Get the GMAT Results?

The official score report will be accessible to candidates through their account within a maximum of 7 business days, although certain situations may necessitate up to 20 business days for score processing. Applicants will have the opportunity to preview their preliminary scores for the overall test- quantitative, verbal, and integrated reasoning sections upon completing the examination.

Upon receipt of the official score report, candidates will find detailed breakdowns of their individual section scores alongside the total exam score. Additionally, the score report will include percentile rankings for their scores in the ESR.

GMAT online exam results remain valid for a period of 5 years and will be factored into both the 12-month and lifetime GMAT limits for candidates.

Bottom Line

GMAT exam is an essential step in your journey to business school, and understanding the GMAT application fees and requirements is crucial. Be sure to plan well in advance, prepare thoroughly, and ensure you have the necessary ID for test day. As the GMAT fees and requirements may change over time, always refer to the official GMAC website for the most up-to-date information to make your GMAT experience as smooth as possible. Still have questions? Reach us and our expert faculty will answer them directly!

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