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When it comes to pursuing higher education, an MBA from a reputed institution can be a game-changer for your career. For many, GMAT prep is the first step towards this rewarding degree. But, which colleges in India accept GMAT scores? In this blog, we’ll guide you through the top 10 GMAT accepting colleges for an MBA in India, helping you make an informed choice for your MBA in India.

In this blog:

  1. Can GMAT be used to get admission into Indian B-schools?
  2. Top GMAT-accepting colleges in India for an MBA in India
  3. GMAT Exam Preparation for MBA in India

Can GMAT be used to get admission into Indian B-schools?

Yes, Indian B-schools recognise GMAT as a valid and reliable indicator of a student’s readiness for rigorous academic challenges and leadership roles in the field of business and management. Some of the most renowned business schools consider GMAT scores as part of their admission criteria. You should start by checking the specific program, admission requirements and the minimum GMAT score expectations for the institution you’re interested in.

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Top GMAT-Accepting Colleges in India for an MBA in India

1. Indian School of Business (ISB)


Located in Hyderabad and Mohali, ISB is renowned for its GMAT-friendly approach. Admissions to ISB’s flagship program, the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP), is highly sought after by candidates with GMAT scores.

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2. Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta

IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta is a highly respected institution that offers multiple management programs, including the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and the Post Graduate Program for Executives (PGPEX). The institution considers GMAT scores for its PGPEX program, making it a popular choice for executives seeking to enhance their management careers.

3. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

SP Jain, Mumbai

SP Jain Institute of Management and Research is known for its diverse programs, including the Global MBA, which attracts students from all over the world. GMAT scores are accepted for admission, and the institution’s global perspective makes it a unique choice.

5. Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad, one of the most prestigious B-schools in India, accepts GMAT scores for its Post Graduate Program for Executives (PGPX). This program is designed for experienced professionals who wish to accelerate their career growth.

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6. Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur

Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur

XLRI is known for its rigorous academic standards and ethical values. The institution considers GMAT scores for its full-time residential programs such as the Global MBA and the General Management Program.

7. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi

IIFT, New Delhi

IIFT offers specialised courses in international business and trade. GMAT scores are accepted for admission to its Executive Master’s in International Business (EMIB) program, making it a popular choice for those interested in global business.

8. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune

Symbiosis, Pune

SIBM Pune is a part of the Symbiosis International University and offers a variety of management programs. GMAT scores are accepted for their Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program.

9. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

Great Lakes, Chennai

Great Lakes Institute of Management offers a unique curriculum that emphasises experiential learning and entrepreneurship. GMAT scores are accepted for admission to its one-year Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM).

10. NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai

NMIMS, Mumbai

NMIMS School of Business Management is a well-known institution that offers various management programs, including the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM). GMAT scores are considered for admission, attracting a diverse group of students.

GMAT Exam Preparation for MBA in India

For a fruitful GMAT exam preparation, consider investing time in GMAT coaching. You can opt for GMAT online or classroom coaching or even sign up for private training. With a clear understanding of the varying requirements of different business schools, you can tailor your GMAT preparation strategy to meet those needs efficiently.

You can utilise free GMAT prep resources, including official guides and practice tests along with:

  1. Diagnostic Test: Start your GMAT preparation journey with a diagnostic test. This will help you assess your baseline skills and identify areas that need improvement. Use the results to design a personalised study plan.
  2. Focused Study Materials: Invest in quality GMAT study material and prep books. Utilise official GMAT guides and online resources to get a comprehensive understanding of the test format and content.
  3. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is crucial for success on the GMAT. Allocate time each day for practice questions, mock tests, and timed exercises. Simulating real testing conditions will help build your stamina and time-management skills.
  4. Track Progress: Keep a record of your practice test scores and monitor your progress over time. This will help you identify trends, strengths, and areas that need extra attention.
  5. Review and Learn: After attempting practice questions, thoroughly review both correct and incorrect answers. Understand the reasoning behind the correct answers and learn from your mistakes.
  6. Seek Expert Guidance: Consider enrolling in a GMAT prep course or working with a tutor. These resources can provide valuable insights, strategies, and personalised guidance based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Time Management: Efficient time management is not only essential during the test but also during your preparation. Balance your GMAT study plan with other application components, such as essays and recommendation letters.

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Now that we’ve covered the top 10 GMAT accepting colleges in India, it’s important to understand the application process, preparation and requirements.

Criteria for GMAT Accepting Colleges in India

Each college may have different minimum GMAT score requirements. But top GMAT-accepting colleges mostly go for a score ranging from 690-740 or above. Research the specific colleges you’re interested in to know their GMAT score expectations. Ensure that you’ve met the prerequisites for the program you’re applying to, as some colleges may require prior work experience. Be prepared for interviews, group-discussions, essays, as they are also part of the admission criteria set by the colleges.

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Here is a list of GMAT score requirements of top 10 MBA colleges in India.

GMAT Accepting Colleges in India

College Names GMAT Score
Indian Institute Of Management, Calcutta 600-700
XLRI, Jamshedpur 700
Indian Institute Of Management, Indore 700+
Indian Institute Of Management, Bengaluru 700+
Indian School Of Business, Hyderabad 710-740
Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad 700
S.P.Jain Institute Of Management, Mumbai 690
Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade, Delhi 650
Institute Of Management Technology, Ghaziabad 700-720
Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras 650-700
K.J. Somaiya Institute Of Management And Studies And Research, Mumbai 550-600
Fore School Of Management, Delhi 600-650
Shailesh J Mehta School Of Management, Mumbai 694

Make the most of your GMAT scores, put your best foot forward in the application process, and get ready for an enriching educational experience in one of these top GMAT accepting colleges in India.

If you’re considering pursuing an MBA in India, these top 10 GMAT accepting colleges should definitely be on your radar. Don’t forget to stay updated on their admission requirements, deadlines, and any changes in GMAT acceptance policies. Or you can call our expert and learn about them directly here!

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