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The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardised test that measures your readiness for graduate-level academic work. It’s an essential requirement for most graduate school applications and is taken by thousands of students worldwide every year.

While preparing for the GRE, you might have put in countless hours, read several GRE preparation books, took practice tests, and even opted for GRE coaching classes. However, making mistakes during the actual exam can be costly, and they can ruin your chances of getting a good score. In this post, we’ll discuss four mistakes you should avoid during the GRE exam.

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Neglecting GRE practice tests with the official format

In a desperate attempt, many GRE test-takers fetch GRE practice tests from unreliable sources, which can be detrimental to their performance on exam day. The official GRE test format includes many questions and sections, and you need to get used to the format to manage your time effectively. So, make sure you practise with the official GRE test format and other reliable GRE sample tests to better understand the test structure.

Not staying calm under pressure

The GRE exam is not only testing your critical and analytical skills but also your capability to sit for a 3-hour long exam. Students often get into a frenzy and make silly mistakes, costing them a good GRE score. Moreover, research has shown that test anxiety can negatively impact test performance. To avoid this:

  1. Take deep breaths and stay focused.
  2. If you’re unsure of an answer, don’t panic.
  3. Take your time, read the question again, and try to eliminate the wrong answers.

Not seeking qualified guidance

Many students try to prepare for the GRE exam on their own, without the guidance of a qualified coach. Although some still ace the exam, for many, it can lead to gaps in their GRE exam preparation and a lack of understanding of the test format, resulting in poor performance. You can opt for GRE exam coaching if you’re looking for personalised training and a structured approach to optimise your performance on the exam. GRE mentors help you:

✔Identify areas of improvement

✔Get targeted feedback and support

✔Grasp strong concepts and topics

✔Curate test-taking strategies

✔Understand the format

✔Learn the structure of the exam

✔Optimise performance on the exam.

Additionally, a good GRE exam coaching program will provide you with structured preparation material, regular practice tests and hand-hold you throughout your entire GRE exam preparation.

Focusing on content and neglecting test-taking strategies

While it is important to have a strong grasp of the concepts and topics covered in the GRE, it is equally essential to have effective test-taking strategies that can help you maximise your score. Taking the GRE requires you to answer many questions in a limited time. If you don’t have a pacing strategy, you may run out of time before you can answer all the questions. Similarly, if you don’t understand how to approach certain questions, you may waste time on questions that are unlikely to yield points or miss out on questions you could have answered correctly.

Avoiding these mistakes will significantly increase your chances of:

✅Achieving a high score on the GRE.

✅ Saving time and money on retaking the exam

✅ Enhancing your chances of getting accepted into your desired graduate program

✅ Increasing your eligibility for scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid

✅ Improving your career prospects and earning potential through higher education opportunities

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Bottom Line

As you wrap up your GRE exam preparation, it’s crucial to remember that success on the exam lies not only in your knowledge of the content but also in your approach to the test itself. Avoiding these common mistakes mentioned above is essential to achieving your desired score and taking the first step toward your academic future. So, take a deep breath, read the instructions carefully, manage your time like a pro, and don’t forget to get some GRE coaching classes to get a grip on the exam format. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to acing the exam and advancing your academic and career goals.

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