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GRE opens a plethora of opportunities for undergrad students who plan to pursue their masters abroad. Leading colleges in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Europe consider GRE scores an essential element of the college application.

The average GRE score worldwide ranges from 300 to 311. Any score above this can be considered an above-average score. But there is more to what makes a ‘good GRE score,’ depending on your target course and university, preparation time, and individual profile. It is, therefore, always a good idea to aim for more than a 320 on your GRE.

Your GRE preparation strategy will determine your exam score to a great extent. This blog will brief you about the various resources, tips, and techniques you can use to ace the GRE.

1. Know the exam

Before you strategize your exam preparation, you must learn the in and out of the test. Spend ample time getting familiar with the GRE pattern, question types, and GRE-related reading material.

Read about the various resources other GRE aspirants have used and the mistakes they made so that you can avoid falling into the same pit. All this will help you formulate a stellar strategy for your GRE preparation.

2. Take a diagnostic test

Before diving deep into GRE preparation, take a diagnostic test to see where you stand. A GRE diagnostic test will help you understand your strong and weak areas and how to improve your test scores.

Make sure to simulate an actual exam environment when taking the diagnostic test. It will give you an idea of the time you have on your hands during the test. It will also help you evaluate how you may perform in the actual exam setting.

GRE diagnostic test

Smart analytics on Jamboree’s online portal helps you track and evaluate your performance. Additionally, the powerful adaptive technology further streamlines your GRE preparation. There’s more- Score predictor, advanced analytics, interactive HD videos, and endless doubt-clearing sessions, all to level up your GRE prep.

3. Mastering the basics

Knowing the basics of cooking can help you nail a perfect recipe! It’s the same for everything, including GRE test prep – mastering the basics can also help you ace the GRE! Getting hold of the basics of the quant and verbal section will subsequently help you solve complex problems quickly and accurately. Moreover, having math formulas and grammar rules at your fingertips brings efficiency.

GRE quant mainly comprises four sections- Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, and Data Analysis and the verbal section is centered around three types of questions- Sentence Equivalence (SE), Text Completion (TC), and Reading Comprehension (RC). The best way to score high on the GRE is by mastering the basics. Sharpening your mental math skills leads to efficiency.

4. Practice! Practice! Practice!

GRE is a four-hour exam, and you have to be well prepared to sit for that long to answer the questions correctly. You can easily make silly mistakes if you’re not alert enough throughout the exam.

Taking mock tests (a lot of them) will help you build up that concentration and alertness. Practice tests also help you evaluate your performance and assess how you have improved in various sections of the GRE. When you’re ready, take a fully computer-adaptive test to test your overall efficiency and time management.

You’ll find several GRE practice tests on the internet, but it isn’t easy to find reliable and relevant ones. Jamboree’s GRE practice tests are the closest thing you can get to an actual GRE.

5. Ace GRE words

The buzz in the market is that if you master typical GRE words, you are much closer to acing the GRE. Well, it’s true. Mastering those words will set you in tune with the words on the actual GRE test and help you better differentiate between similar answer choices in Sentence Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions.

You might not be able to cover all the 3500-4000 words, especially if you are pressed for time. A smarter way to approach the word bank is to target the 1000-1200 words on High Priority/Frequency Lists.

Tip: Learn and remember the words better by associating them with memorable pictures.

Give yourself sufficient time to prepare for the GRE test. Submit your college applications with a stellar GRE score, a strong profile, and winning application essays along with the required IELTS/TOFEL score.

Jamboree guides GRE aspirants to schedule a Test prep plan and build speed, accuracy, and stamina for the test. Jamboree′s Online Test Prep packages like GRE live for Online classroom like prep, GRE online, which provides prep flexibility, and GRE Test series with dedicated Vocab Tool- Optimized for the GRE.

Book a free fifteen-minute session with our expert counsellor to know more about the importance of GRE scores in your college applications.

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