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Named after Queen Elizabeth I and established in the year 1592, Trinity College Dublin has lived up to its motto Perpetuis futuris temporibus duraturam (It will last into endless future times). Alma mater to countless authors, poets, philosophers, mathematicians and politicians, Trinity is actually the only constituent college of the University of Dublin and is practically the same as that. Located in the heart of Dublin, this iconic college is the dream destination of international students who want to study in Ireland. Before we get into the nitty gritty of studying at TCD, let’s take a look at some interesting trivia.


1.     Trinity College Dublin Fun Facts!
2.     Studying at Trinity College Dublin
4.     Admission requirements
5.     UG Fees at Trinity College Dublin
6.     Scholarships for international students at Trinity College Dublin
7.     Jobs in Ireland for international students

Trinity College Dublin Fun Facts!

  1. The Library of Trinity is the legal deposit of all works published in the United Kingdom, meaning that all authors must deposit a copy of their publications there.
  2. The library of Trinity has more than 7,000,000 volumes and occupies 6 buildings on the Trinity campus.
  3. The oldest book of TCD library is the Book of Kells, which dates back to the 9th century. Visitors can view it in the Long Room.
  4. The Long Room of TCD was built between 1712 and 1732 and has been simulated by many cult movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars.
  5. Trinity students don’t ever walk under the iconic Campanile or bell tower when it tolls as they believe they will fail their exams!
  6. Bollywood movie Ek Tha Tiger was shot extensively in TCD.
  7. Despite being founded by Queen Elizabeth I, a woman, it was only in 1904 that women were admitted into the college.
  8. Okay this one’s contestable, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! You can shoot someone from top of bell tower on a particular day of the year and not be charged for murder.
  9. Rumour has it that there is a secret maze of tunnels underneath the campus which leads to Provost’s wine cellar (wink, wink!).
  10. The Trinity College harp, housed in the Long Room, is the national symbol of Ireland and appears on world-famous Irish brands like Guinness and Ryanair.

Studying at Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s oldest surviving university and ranks at #101 as per QS World University Rankings 2022. It comprises three faculties: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; and Health Sciences. Together, the three faculties have 24 schools under them.

Trinity offers a host of undergraduate, postgraduate, micro-credentials (short term) and online courses. Normally, the academic year is divided into three terms: from October to December, from January to March and from April to June.

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At Trinity, Indian students make the 2nd largest international cohort, just after US. Since 1832, Trinity has forged strong links with Indian academicians and researchers at various Indian institutes of eminence, schools and universities. Indian students are required to apply directly through the Trinity portal. Applications are accepted from October each year for entry in September the following year.

Admission requirements

  • HSC, CBSE or ISC school leaving certificate
  • Minimum overall average of 80% – 85% in five/six subjects in Grade XII
  • A language other than English, and Mathematics must be taken as a subject up to Grade X
  • Specific subject requirement with minimum 75%, if applicable
  • English language requirement: IELTS (minimum score 6.5) or TOEFL (minimum score 90)

After evaluation of your documents you will get a firm or conditional offer. If you accept the offer you will need to register online in August and pay your yearly academic fee.



UG Fees at Trinity College Dublin

Undergraduate fees range at Trinity College Dublin for non-EU international students is:

Engineering and sciences: €20,609 – €26,985 per year

Health Sciences: €13,758 – €37,613 per year

Arts and Humanities: €18,850 – €37,613 per year

Scholarships for international students at Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin offers a number of scholarships to international students based on need or academic achievement. Some scholarships worth exploring at Trinity are:

  • Bachelor in Business Studies Scholarship (€5000)
  • Foundation Scholarship (salary of minimum €253 plus outside grant and other emoluments; for students of 2nd year and onwards)
  • Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship (€10,000)
  • Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships (€5,000)
  • India Undergraduate Scholarships (€5,000)

In some scholarship awards, students are required to write a separate application for scholarships stating why they are eligible to receive them.

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Jobs in Ireland for international students

Under the Third Level Graduate scheme international students can stay back and work in Ireland for 24 months after graduation. You will be required to apply for general employment work permit or critical skills employment permit. Your job offer should have a minimum salary of €30,000 or €64,000 for critical occupations, only then you would get the work permit. International students find maximum job opportunities in IT, pharmaceutical, tourism and hospitality, transport and logistics, and electronics sector in Ireland.

General employment permit is valid for two years after which it can be renewed for another three years. After five years of residence, one becomes eligible to apply for PR and citizenship in Ireland.

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