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When you think about the college application process there are deadlines that make you wanna throw up in anxiety. And the related jargon is just too much, one of which is ‘Intakes’. In this blog, you will find out what that means and what are the different intakes in Canada for the year 2022-2023, and more. Let’s go!


1.     Popular intakes in Canada
2.     Fall intake in Canada
3.     Colleges offering fall intake in Canada
4.     Winter intake in Canada
5.     Colleges offering winter intake in Canada
6.     Spring intake in Canada
7.     Colleges offering Spring intake in Canada
8.     Course-Specific Intakes in Canada

Popular Intakes in Canada

Canadian universities invite applications for admissions in definite time periods in a year (known as Intakes), among these the most popular intakes in Canada, include fall, winter, and summer intakes. Deadlines for these intakes are discussed below:

Fall Intake in Canada

(Primary Intake)

September –  December
Winter Intake in Canada

(Secondary Intake)

January – May
Spring Intake in Canada

(Limited Courses)

May – August

All universities don’t offer all intakes and some of them also offer rolling admissions. With rolling admission, there is a window for admissions for a duration of six months or even more in which you can apply and find out your admission decision in about 4-6 weeks. Schools with rolling admissions may start accepting applications as early as August 1 and extend beyond the latest regular application deadline. 

Fall Intake in Canada

Duration: September, October, November, December

Deadlines for fall intake in Canada start in the month of September and extends till December or in some cases early January. Also known as the September intake, the fall intake witnesses the most number of universities offering the largest number of seats in almost all courses, wondering why?

Well, fall intake is the primary intake for Canadian universities and most students prefer fall intake to start their studies in Canada as it puts them 4-5 months ahead of the students joining in the winter intake. The availability of on-campus jobs like Teaching Assistantship (TA), Research Assistantship (RA), etc, and funding opportunities (scholarships, financial aid) are also greater in fall intake when compared with other intakes in Canada. Not to mention the weather in Canada during fall that also makes a very compelling case.

Colleges offering Fall Intake in Canada

Fall intake is the most popular intake in Canada for international students and not surprisingly a lot of universities offer fall intake in Canada, these are given below:

Universities for Fall intake Canada

·      Queen’s University
·      Western University
·      Dalhousie University
·      George Brown College
·      Navitas International College Of Manitoba (ICM)
·      Lakehead University
·      Fraser International College
·      Saskatchewan Polytechnic University
·      McMaster University
·      University of Montréal
·      University of Toronto
·      McGill University
·      Columbia College
·      Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT)

Winter Intake in Canada

Duration: January, February, March, April

Winter intake is the next best thing if you missed the fall deadlines. Although the number of courses offering winter intake is fewer than fall intake, several universities invite applications of many programs during winter intake. Winter intake is also commonly known as January intake or secondary intake.

Colleges offering Winter Intake in Canada

Given below is a list of universities offering winter intake in Canada:

Universities for Winter Intake Canada

·   University of British Columbia
·   McGill University
·   University of Toronto
·   University of Montréal
·   Carleton University
·   Fanshawe College
·   Centennial College
·   Mount Saint Vincent University
·   Lambton College
·   Douglas College
·   Cape Breton University
·   Ontario University

Summer/Spring Intake in Canada

Duration: May, June, July, August

Summer/Spring intake is the least popular intake in Canada, majorly because of the crunch of courses offered by universities in this intake. Limited universities offer academic programs during this time. Spring intake in Canada also has Early and Late sessions, this includes:

Early Session: May to June

Late Session: July – August

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Colleges offering Spring Intake in Canada

Generally, short-term courses are offered during spring intake but that also varies from university to university. Given below is a list of universities offering spring intake in Canada:

Universities for Spring Intake Canada

·   University of Alberta
·   Capilano University
·   Lakehead University
·   Ontario University
·   New York Institute of Technology
·   Kwantlen Polytechnic University
·   Mount Saint Vincent University
·   University of the Fraser Valley
·   Brock University

Course-Specific Intakes in Canada

Reason number 107 to study abroad is that unlike India other countries don’t have annual deadlines for admissions and Canada is no exception. As we already discussed Canada has 3 intakes – fall, winter, and spring. However, the number and type of courses available in different intakes in Canada vary, this is better explained below:


Intakes in Canada

Undergraduate Courses Fall Intake, Winter Intake
Postgraduate courses such as MS, MBA Fall Intake, Winter Intake
Short Term courses such as UG/PG Diplomas Spring Intake

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