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Students applying or planning to apply to colleges next year may be aware of Common App. But have you heard about the Coalition App? The Coalition Application is a platform for students to explore colleges, fee waiver opportunities and to build their college applications as early as ninth grade.

The Coalition Application is a newly developed platform and they envision themselves as the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success. Until now, there are over 150 schools that are eligible to meet the Coalition requirements and are their members. They strive to provide the best possible college experience to the students, starting from the college application process.

Seriously? Another app for undergrad?

The application has been developed to make the college application process simpler and easier for students who are under-represented or are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Although, students from any background are welcome to use the Coalition Application. Since its inception in 2016, over 150 schools accept students through applications using the Coalition App.

Aim of the Coalition App

Based on studies and research, it was found that students from disadvantaged backgrounds face difficulty in applying effectively in the common college application process. Another major obstacle they face is a struggle applying for financial aid, and ultimately, they do not end up getting the required financial aid for which they actually do qualify. This might result in the students not attending college at all, or they attend colleges that do not explore their full potential.

Such a situation impacts their future and hampers their chance at success. In order to avoid this from happening, the coalition is developing means and tools to reduce such barriers and to provide equal opportunities for all irrespective of their background.

How does it do that?

Benefits of using the Coalition Application

MyCoalition is a set of tools developed to assist students in building their college applications. It is designed in such a manner that students can begin using MyCoalition as early as 9th grade and store material relevant to their college applications. As compared with Common App, the Coalition App system is relatively new. However, due to its advantages and simplicity, it is gaining popularity among students. The benefits of using MyCoalition are:

  • Locker: Students can upload important documents such as grades, essays, research projects, videos and artwork that would be useful for their college applications. It is a repository of essential documents accessible easily. Hence, during their college applications, the students can directly share the necessary documents with the colleges.
  • Counselor: MyCoalition Counselor is an online library of resources and helps students with the application process. The resources might be used to get expert advice about topics such as managing the SAT and ACT, paying for college, or writing the application essay.
  • Collaboration Space: This feature helps the students to receive feedback on application materials from their teachers, counselors, family members and friends. It is particularly useful while working on your application essay. They can provide suggestions and tweaks which might be helpful.
  • Coalition Application: It is the platform where the students can compile the documents required for their college application in one place since high school and ultimately submit it to the college.

Requirements for colleges:

Colleges need to have the following in order to enroll in the Coalition initiative:

✔ The Colleges must have at least a 70% graduation rate for the past 6 years, representing student’s success with their programs to be in the Coalition group.
✔ The schools should commit accessibility opportunities to low-income students as well.
✔ The public schools must have affordable tuition fees and need-based financial assistance to the in-state residents.
✔ The private institutions should ensure the graduate students have low or no debt and low loan default rates.

Colleges accepting Coalition Application

With the help of Coalition App you could apply to:

University of Connecticut University of Pennsylvania California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
University of Iowa Boston University Penn State
Columbia University Colorado College Drew University
Yale University University of Washington Harvard University
Illinois State University Johns Hopkins University Princeton University
La Salle University Lehigh University Loyola University Chicago
University of Arizona Southern Methodist University Northwestern University
Princeton University Rice University Stanford University

These are just some of the universities that students can apply to with the help of Coalition App, there are many more. Its unique benefits make this app an option worth exploring while you’re applying for a bachelor’s degree in US.

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