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B-school applications are complex, and candidates often miss out on what goes into writing a winning application. At the same time, while scrutinising your application, B-schools consider several components–work experience, GPAs, career goals, recommendations, standardised test scores, etc. Although all these are equally important, a strong GMAT score can make your application stand out and add value.

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Even the best business schools that offer GMAT exam waivers agree that submitting a high GMAT exam score helps your MBA business school applications. This is also evident from the findings of a recent survey mentioned henceforth. Read on to find out what the admission officers have to say on the value of GMAT score as part of your MBA application.

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3.    The GMAT is for Life!

Why do business schools Value the GMAT?

The recent findings of a 2021 Business School Admission Officers survey indicate that 88% of the respondents agree that submitting a competitive admissions exam score like the GMAT will help the applicants stand out. The admission officers also cited several reasons to support their findings. These include:

  • “Anything an applicant can do to stand out from the pack is helpful. A good GMAT score shows us that they are willing to invest time to prepare for the MBA and that they have the baseline knowledge to begin.”
  • “In situations where an applicant’s GPA is lower than we would typically consider, strong scores might lead to us giving the applicant additional consideration.”
  • “Our scholarships are based on GPA, GMAT score, and interview experience, so strong GMAT scores have a very important impact on admissions and scholarship offers.”
  • “There is too much variance in GPA scores, and letters of recommendation are not always an accurate reflection of the applicant’s potential success. The standardised tests, even though they have their flaws, are useful in admissions decisions.”

For b-schools, your GMAT score is reflective of the fact that you can handle the academics of the course and can competently handle the rigorous quantitative and analytical aspects of an MBA degree. A good score can send your application to the top of the admissions pile.

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GMAT beyond MBA admissions

The GMAT exam goes beyond MBA admissions.

  • As per the data, more than 7 in 10 students opt for the GMAT for admission to Master in Management (MiM) programs across Europe.
  • Additionally, the GMAT has been ratified by AICTE to admit candidates to approved PGDM programs across colleges in India.
  • A good GMAT score helps even after your graduation. Multinational companies in areas of consulting, technology and financial services, consider your GMAT score at the time of recruitment, as the test structure helps them evaluate a candidate’s suitability for the job.

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B-schools can be a costly affair, primarily if you aim for the top ones. A good GMAT score can be a saviour for your pocket, as it can help you land a scholarship at business schools. Since a good score is reflective of your motivation and academic calibre, several merit-based scholarships consider both your GPA and GMAT score.

why do bschools value gmat

The GMAT is for Life!

Taking the GMAT and getting a good score will give you an edge over admissions, scholarships, employment, and more. GMAT is an essential component of submitting a winning application to a business school.

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