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Preparing for the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) from the comfort of your home can pose a unique challenge, especially if you’re accustomed to traditional classroom settings. But fear not, with the right approach and strategies, you can excel on the GRE and secure your spot in your dream graduate school.

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In this blog, we’ll share expert tips and tricks to help you ace the GRE while studying at home. We’ll cover everything from understanding the test format to crafting effective study methods. The at-home GRE is essentially the same as the in-person version, with identical content, format, and scoring, making it accessible from your own space. So, let’s get started with GRE home test prep!

In this blog:

  1. What is GRE at-home?
  2. Things to keep in mind before taking GRE home test
  3. Tips to ace GRE home test
  4. Best GRE prep books
  5. FAQs

What is GRE at-home?

Both the at-home and in-person GRE exams evaluate knowledge and skills on the same subjects and concepts.

For the at-home GRE, students have the advantage of taking the exam in a private setting, like a quiet room at home, using a personal desktop or laptop (tablets and mobile devices aren’t allowed). The test is overseen by a remote proctor via ProctorU.

One major benefit of the at-home option is the flexibility it offers regarding the test schedule. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you can pick a time that suits you. This flexibility is particularly handy for those juggling a full-time job, allowing them to work around their busy workday when scheduling their exams.

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Things to keep in mind before taking GRE home test

Getting ready to take the GRE General Test at home? We’ve got some important steps to ensure your testing experience goes smoothly.

Before Test Day:

1. Technical Setup:

  • Ensure your computer meets the technical requirements for the test.
  • Close unnecessary browsers and programs to prevent potential issues.
  • Disconnect other devices using your home internet to avoid bandwidth problems.

2. Environment Preparation:

  • Clear the clutter from your test area.
  • Ensure good lighting and a quiet setting.
  • Your proctor must have a clear view of the entryway from your testing location.
  • Dress appropriately – no hats, accessories during the test.

3. Equipment Check:

  • Valid identification (e.g., passport).
  • Acceptable note-taking tools (whiteboard, transparency sheet).

Test Day:

  1. Resolve any last-minute technical problems before starting your test.
  2. Close any unnecessary software or apps to avoid interruptions.
  3. Ensure screen-sharing or remote-access applications are turned off.
  4. Use only the materials allowed, no extra resources.
  5. Throughout the test, your face and ears must be visible to the proctor.
  6. Avoid anything that obscures your ears, like hats or excessive hair.
  7. You can wear a religious head covering if it doesn’t obstruct your ears during the test.

Tips to ace GRE home test

Just like any other aptitude or proficiency test, the GRE exam assesses candidates based on their competency and cognitive abilities. To excel in the GRE, it’s essential to organise your preparation effectively at home. Here are some top tips to ace best GRE prep:

1. Prioritise Your Reading Habit:

  • A great way to boost your GRE scores is by expanding your knowledge through daily reading. This practice is particularly helpful for mastering the GRE verbal sections.
  • Apply your newfound knowledge through academic writing. Reading nonfiction literature also enhances your skills for the GRE’s reading sections, which demand strong reading comprehension.

2. Establish Your Study Plan:

  • Establishing a well-structured study timetable is vital for best GRE prep. Remember consistency is key.
  • Craft a realistic schedule that you can genuinely follow. Unattainable goals can hinder progress and lead to demotivation.
  • A solid plan simplifies the complexities of best GRE prep and ensures steady progress.

3. Take Practice Tests:

  • Completing practice tests is crucial to understanding the GRE exam’s format, question types, duration, and complexities.
  • Practice tests enhance your speed, accuracy, and confidence in your answers.
  • They help you manage time effectively, a critical skill for GRE success.

4. Identify Your Weakness:

  • Recognize areas where you struggle. This allows you to focus on and improve your weak points.
  • Prioritise the areas where you need the most improvement, based on practice tests or GRE practice sets.
  • Efficiently managing your time and energy by addressing weaknesses prepares you to tackle challenging GRE questions.

By following these strategies, you can streamline your GRE preparation, boost your confidence, and enhance your chances of achieving higher GRE scores.

Best GRE prep books

If you’re gearing up for the GRE Exam from the comfort of your home, then books can play a crucial role in helping aspiring candidates achieve high GRE scores. That’s why it’s vital to select the best books available in 2023 that align with the latest curriculum and provide comprehensive and understandable content.

Here are the top book recommendations to ace your GRE Exam:

Book’s name Publisher Cost
Official GRE Super Power Pack, Second Edition Mcgraw Hill INR 2,870
Barron’s GRE Sharon Weiner Green INR 4,592
Solutions to the Real Essay Topics INR 1,490


1.How to register for GRE home test?

  • Simply log in to your ETS account and click on “Register.” Then, select “Find Test Centers and Dates” and choose “Test at Home.” Follow the on-screen instructions to set your exam time, and test date, complete the online payment, and you’ll receive a confirmation email from ETS.

2.What is the duration of GRE home test?

  • The total duration of GRE exam is 1 hour 58 minutes, with zero breaks.

3.How long will GRE prep take?

  • Experts recommend dedicating 4 to 12 weeks for GRE preparation, but the focus should be on feeling completely confident in your readiness rather than rushing through the process.

    We’ve provided a comprehensive guide, covering the full spectrum of GRE home test prep. From registration and equipment checks to test policies and effective study material selection, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a first-timer or a retaker, tap into Jamboree’s expert advice for achieving your desired GRE score right from the comfort of your home. Book your slot now!

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