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Hundreds of thousands of high school students take the SAT every year to strengthen their college applications. Although many students work hard to ace this standardised test, few take the time to learn the exact score required to gain admission to their preferred school. When applying to top-tier schools such as the Ivy Leagues, it’s critical that you know exactly what you need to do to stay competitive during the application process. If you don’t already know standardised test results are considered. You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering, “What is a good SAT score for ivy league?”

In this blog:

1. How Should You Prepare for Ivy League Admission?
2. What is a good SAT Score for Ivy League Admission?
3. Average SAT Scores for Ivy Leagues

The College Board administers the SAT, the test is an admission requirement for many colleges and universities. It scores students on a scale of 200 to 800 for different sections. Students are assessed on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, as well as Math, with each section worth a maximum score of 800. The essay portion is entirely optional. With such a wide potential weighted score – the lowest possible combined score is 400 and the highest is 1600. Admissions experts advise prospective students to learn what colleges consider to be a good SAT score.

While your SAT score isn’t the only factor in your admission decision especially in Ivy League schools, it does play an important role in helping colleges compare candidates from different high schools in different countries. This is especially true for applicants from international schools that do not offer AP or IB courses since US colleges and universities actively use those courses to assess the academic potential of students from a variety of high schools, including students from countries with entirely different grading systems.

Incoming freshmen who choose to submit scores at some schools, such as the highly selective University of Chicago, may have an SAT score higher than 1500, whereas incoming freshmen at other institutions, such as the University of Oregon, may have an SAT score closer to 1200. High scores are also preferred by Ivy League schools and other top universities such as Stanford University in California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

How Should You Prepare for Ivy League Admission?

First, make a list of the SAT score expectations for Ivy League schools, then set study goals and create a study plan for yourself. Be determined to achieve your goal and turn your dream into a reality. While an exact 1600/1600 on the exam is not required for admission, selected candidates tend to be in the top couple of percentiles. According to recent statistics, nearly 10% of international students were admitted to various undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Harvard in 2020. Over 40,000 students applied for admission to the Ivy League, with 2,015 being accepted. If you want to be one of the 10%, you must put in some effort. In addition, what constitutes a good SAT score for you is almost entirely determined by the Ivy League school to which you have applied based on your profile.

What is a good SAT Score for Ivy League Admission?

An SAT score of 1580 (out of 1600) will place you in the top 25% of applicants for most Ivy League institutions, whereas an SAT score of 1450 will place you in the bottom 25% of total applicants. As a result, your SAT scores are extremely important. In addition, Ivy Leagues look for strong recommendations, extracurricular activities, sports participation, and your GPA, among other factors.

Average SAT Scores for Ivy Leagues

If you are serious about applying to Ivy League schools, here is a list of average SAT scores to aim for when studying for the SAT:

Ivy League Colleges Average SAT Scores THE World Rankings 2021 QS World Rankings 2021
Princeton University 1440-1570 9th 12th
Harvard University 1460-1570 3rd 3rd
Yale University 1460-1570 8th 17th
University of Pennsylvania 1450-1560 13th 16th
Columbia University 1450-1570 17th 19th
Cornell University 1400-1560 19th 18th
Brown University 1440-1550 61st 60th
Dartmouth College 1440-1560 =100 =203

However, a high test score does not guarantee admission to an Ivy League school. Most schools consider letters of recommendation, transcripts, and admissions essays, among other things. This is especially true this year, as many colleges are adopting test-optional admissions policies. Therefore, just because schools do not necessarily ask you to submit the test scores doesn’t mean they would not still consider them. SAT scores, unlike other application components such as essays, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation, are measurable and objective.

This makes comparing scores between all applicants simple and precise. While many other factors are considered when determining who is accepted and who is not, higher SAT scores will always help increase your chances.

Indeed, SAT is the most important part of your study abroad dream, and you are willing to work hard to ace it. But, if you are confused on how to go about it, you must talk to our experienced consultants and faculty. Book a free session with our counsellor and get an insight to the SAT, exam pattern, study plan and much more.

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