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If you plan to apply to universities in the United States, chances are you’ve heard of the SAT exam. This standardised test is a requirement for admission into many colleges and universities in the US, and a high score can significantly boost your chances of acceptance. In this blog, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to help you score over 1500 on the SAT.

In this blog:

    1. Understanding the Digital SAT Syllabus
    2. Creating a Personal Digital SAT Exam Guide
    3. Practising with a Digital SAT Study Guide
    4. Take a Digital SAT Practice Test Online
    5. Review, Revise and Repeat
    6. Signs you are ready to crack the Digital SAT exam

Understanding the Digital SAT Syllabus

The first step to cracking the digital SAT exam is understanding the SAT syllabus. The digital SAT has two sections: Reading & Writing and Mathematics. Each section is scored out of 800, with a total possible score of 1600.

The digital SAT is composed of two sections: Reading and Writing and Math. Students have 64 minutes to complete the Reading and Writing section and 70 minutes to complete the Math section for a total of 2 hours and 14 minutes. 

Each section is divided into 2 equal length modules, and there is a 10-minute break between the Reading and Writing section and the Math section. The first module of each section contains a broad mix of easy, medium, and hard questions. Based on how students perform on the first module, the second module of questions will either be more difficult or less difficult.


Creating a Personal Digital SAT Exam Guide

Once you understand the digital SAT syllabus, the next step is to create an SAT exam guide. This guide should include a study schedule, practice test schedule, and a list of study materials. Your study schedule should include a realistic plan for how much time you can dedicate to studying each day or week. Be sure to include time for breaks and rest. Jamboree has put an effective SAT study schedule in place that has helped students achieve the 1500+ SAT score mark over the year. 

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Your practice test schedule should include a plan for when you will take practice tests and how often. Taking regular practice tests is crucial to improving your SAT score. Finally, your list of study materials should include SAT preparation books, online resources, and study groups or tutors.

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Practising with a Digital SAT Study Guide

With your SAT study materials in hand, it’s time to start practising. Use an SAT study guide to focus your study efforts. A good SAT study guide will provide detailed explanations of the concepts tested on the digital SAT and offer practice questions and tests.

As you work through the study guide, pay attention to the strategies and tips provided. These can help you save time and avoid common mistakes on the digital SAT exam.


It’s go time – Take a Digital SAT Practice Test Online

Once you’ve studied for a while, it’s time to take a practice test. There are many SAT practice tests available online, and most are free. Taking a practice test will help you get a sense of what the actual exam will be like and identify areas where you need more practice.

When taking a practice test, try to simulate the actual testing conditions as much as possible. Find a quiet place to work, set a timer, and don’t use any outside resources. After you finish the test, go over your answers and identify areas where you need more practice.

Take an SAT practice test now!


Review, Revise and Repeat

After you’ve taken your first SAT practice test, it’s time to review your results and repeat the process. Identify areas where you struggled and spend more time studying those concepts. Then, take another practice test to see if you’ve improved.

As you continue to study and take practice tests, be sure to track your progress. Use a notebook or spreadsheet to record your scores and track your improvement over time. This can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.


Signs you are ready to crack the Digital SAT exam

There are several signs that indicate you’re ready to ace the SAT exam:

  • Consistently High Practice Test Scores: If you’re consistently scoring above 1500 on SAT practice tests, then it’s a good indicator that you’re prepared to achieve that score on the actual exam.
  • Strong Time Management Skills: The digital SAT is a timed exam, and the ability to manage your time effectively is crucial to achieving a high score. If you’re able to complete practice tests within the allotted time frame without sacrificing accuracy, then you’re well on your way to scoring over 1500 on the digital SAT exam.
  • Thorough Understanding of the SAT Syllabus: To score over 1500 on the digital SAT, you need to have a strong understanding of the exam’s content and format. If you’re able to answer most questions correctly and quickly across all sections of the SAT exam, then you have a good grasp of the SAT syllabus.
  • Mastery of Test-Taking Strategies: SAT test-taking strategies, such as process of elimination, pacing, and identifying key information, can help you save time and avoid careless mistakes. If you’ve mastered these strategies and can apply them effectively, then you’re more likely to score over 1500 on the digital SAT.
  • Confidence in Your Abilities: Confidence is key to success on the SAT. If you’re confident in your knowledge and skills and approach the exam with a positive attitude, you’re more likely to achieve your target score.

It’s important to note that achieving a high score on the digital SAT requires hard work, dedication, and consistent practice. If you’re not yet exhibiting these signs, don’t worry – with the right mindset and approach, you can still improve your score and achieve your goals.


Final Thoughts

Scoring high on the SAT is a challenging but achievable goal. With a solid understanding of the SAT syllabus, a well-planned study schedule, and consistent practice, you can improve your score and increase your chances of admission to your dream college or university.

Remember to use an SAT exam guide, take an SAT practice test online, review and repeat, and track your progress. Book a free counselling session with our SAT expert for more insights on how to crack the digital SAT exam.

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