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January 5, 2017

Good to know

  • When studying abroad, it’s important to take advantage of everything because you may never have those opportunities again.
  • Unlike most international universities, many colleges and universities in the United States offer on-campus housing which eases the transition to living and studying abroad, provides an outlet to meet new people and is one less concern for students hunting for housing from another country.
  • Most college campuses in the United States are their own separate areas of a town, and they have dormitories.
  • There are many perks to living on-campus: Student can just walk into the campus and do not need a car , close proximity to the cafeteria and other eating establishments , you are surrounded by more people so you are bound to make more friends.
  • So accommodation in USA for international student is not a daunting task like other countries.


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No matter how convincing an answer option might seem, you should never treat it as true, as long as it doesn’t have a solid evidence or proof that supports the assertion. The proof can be anything from a statistic to an example, but it should be mentioned within the passage. Otherwise you should treat such an answer as invalid.

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