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November 17, 2016

Did you know?

Indian institutions have traditionally worked on the ‘academic session,’ with grading based on end-of-year examinations, unlike the North America end-of-semester examinations.

US education system works on continues evaluation of student via tests , grades , Assignments , quizzes ,Group Projects and Individual projects ,class participation etc .

In India, we have one final which varies from 80 – 100% of the total marks or grade, unlike the USA where there are two to four tests having weightage of 50 – 80% depending on the professor .

The catch is, you are forced to study all the semester because you have tests every 4 to 6 weeks and you do not lose all your points if you miss your final. Assignments are a big part of the US education.

Unlike in India, where you can get away by copying the assignment from friends , in US it is pretty strict and plagiarism is very serious ,you cannot copy so is your own work and in the process, your learning is more holistic.


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Tips (Sentence Correction)

In Sentence correction questions, for a lengthy sentence you may ignore reading the information between two commas (,……..,), as most of the times, it is just an extra information that adds no value to the overall meaning of the sentence as such. This would make the sentence concise and easy to read and understand.

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