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4 August 2016

Did you know that?

Some US universities offer students the opportunity to have a ‘double’ or ‘dual’ major. This means you study two areas of focus within 4 years , but still graduate with a single degree .With industry jobs getting multi-dimensional, and job roles that demand the knowledge of more than one stream is becoming a common place in the professional sphere , dual majors could be the next ‘in-thing’ in the future .

In India “ double major” is still very nascent so you will hardly find colleges to choose which offer you double major program . The most popular concentrations for double majors are Economics and Engineering, Economics and Political Science, Foreign Language and Business and many more.


Public University vs. Private College

The major difference between public universities and private colleges lies in how they are funded. If you’re looking for more information about the difference between public and private universities……………Read more

This perfect SAT scorer got rejected by the Ivy Leagues – but got on ‘Shark Tank’ and is now backed by Mark Cuban

With a perfect SAT score, Shaan Patel thought he’d be able to get into one of his dream schools in the Ivy League.Unfortunately, that didn’t happen,…………..Read more

How to identify a good private college

Attending a private college gives you numerous opportunities to learn, including reputation, smaller class sizes, lower student-to-teacher ratio, and attractive financial aid packages…………..Read more

Tips ( Reading Comprehension )

While reading a passage, make a note of locations of words such as illustrated, example, instance, etc. These words indicate that an example is being given. Very often, questions are asked about specific examples. If you make a note of the location of these words, it will take you far lesser time to locate the example. And, this will enable you to solve the questions faster.

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